Raw deal on Five imposed on NI viewers

Make whatever sense you can of this rigmarole about receiving that poor relation of a terrestrial TV channel, Five . If you have Freeview boxes that aren’t specified here, can you continue to get ITV3 and 4 if you don’t bother to retune? It’s a lousy deal anyway. It means you lose the best sports coverage in the world – the Tour de France on IT4! And what about those re-runs of Morse and Cracker?

  • Only Asking.

    If they lose ITV4 won’t they get new channels when they come, so its not such a raw deal?

  • Driftwood

    Ah yes, ITV4… How did we ever get by without the choice of watching reruns of UFO, Space 1999, The Persuaders, The Saint (Ian Ogilvy!) etc.
    Maybe with a new channel we’ll get to see Harry Worth once again.

  • Eddie

    They say that if I get my Freeview from a relay station I’ll lose ITV3 and ITV4 if I re-tune. How do I know if I get my tv from a relay station? We need a tv engineering expert to contribute t this blog.

    Anyone out there, please?

  • Dave

    you are missing nothing if you lose ITV4’s TdF coverage, except Phil and Paul brown nosing Lance Armstrong. Stick with Sean Kelly and Eurosport

  • marksi

    I’m very confused by all of this thread, including why the original post refers to a “raw deal”.

    Digital Terrestraial TV is transmitted from the 3 main transmitters in Northern Ireland – Divis, Limavady and Brougher Mountain. None of these are digital relays. Therefore all services will be available after tomorrow lunchtime but you must get your box/tv to rescan for channels.

    The reason behind this move is to clear one frequency (containing one multiplex, or set of channels) which will be used after digital switchover for HD services.

    In areas which have already switched over, relay stations only carry the 3 Public Service multiplexes (the main stations have six). As ITV3 and ITV4 are moving to one of the non-PSB multiplexes not carried, it is in those areas that those channels will no longer be available.