Best of the Lisbon videos…

The Best No campaign ad so far… only just beating this more ‘serious’ one from Coir (great sound track)….

Send us your favourites or pin them up below…

  • Paddy Matthews

    The Best No campaign ad so far…

    It’s actually a Yes ad… though Gary Cooke’s caricature of The Leader (who is completely unlike any Watford-accented No campaigner that we might know) is very entertaining. The rest of it – not so much.

    only just beating this more ‘serious’ one from Coir (great sound track)….

    For a bunch of far-right ultra-Catholic nutjobs they’re extremely skilled at PR. The juxtaposition of photos with the music is excellent (particularly the ones of Michael O’Leary’s V-sign and Bertie trying to look innocent).

  • This is my favourite.

  • europass

    I like the No campaign’s argument about the horrible propect of German voters getting almost the same democratic rights as Irish voters myself.

    They don’t get a commissioner for every four million Germans, or a member of the Council of Ministers or for that matter the European Council but they do get almost as many MEP’s per million as us.

    Every time I see it it reminds me of what an anti-democratic xenophobic vile shower of shite the No campaign really is.

    Keep up the good work FT.

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  • Europass, your post sounds like an argument for an EU dominated by the Big States. As if we should be grateful for having a Commissioner when we will be reduced to a pathetic 0.8% on the Council of Ministers and 1.5% in the European Parliament.

  • Drumlins Rock

    watched the coir one again, it is exceptionally well put together, if i was looking to make an advert for my business i would be wanting to find out who made it. ( what the chances they would do one for the CUs at the election )

  • Mick Fealty

    Agreed DR. Phenomenally good marketing.

  • danielmoran

    FT i think the eu and irish govt. might have missed a trick in the naming of the original lisbon treaty. it came into being during the irish turn at the eu presidency in ’04 and they called it by the grand sounding name ‘constitution’ which they came to regret following the dutch/french ‘no’. if they had called it the ‘dublin treaty’ in the firest place as is the usual way, they might have fared better. it would more than likely still be rejected, i’m surprised they didn’t try that.
    of course, if they vote yes this time, voters down south will get no credit from brussels, since the country was in a different place when they rejected first time.

  • bootman

    What was that crap? irst unfunny thing I have ever seen from the apres match types