Tele puts transfer debate on Facebook…

THIS might be the first Northern Irish MSM Facebook campaign; I can’t think of any others. Anyway, the Tele has launched Sort Out the Transfer Maze on the social networking site. Nothing to do with the prison, BTW, instead containing the Belfast newspaper’s articles and videos on the post-primary selection debate.

  • Pace Parent

    Doesn’t it tell us everything about this vacuous campaign that QUB School of Education anti-selection ideologues such as Tony Gallagher and Paul Connolly have signed along with the likes of Tim McQuoid of Concerned Parents for Education (a front organisation of Bloomfield’s AQE)?
    So who is going to concede on grammar schools and academic selection first?
    It seems that the Catholic hierarchy have given up on the principle but are scared beyond belief about losing pupils to the “non-denominational” grammars. The Belfast Telegraph can add nothing to this impasse except for the sale of a few more dead trees.