Saturn’s Rite of Spring

Saturn at EquinoxImage Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute. Nasa/Esa/Isa’s Cassini probe has been paying close attention to Saturn at Equinox – as the image left, a mosaic of 75 exposures, shows. There’s a much larger version here and, via the Professor, the Bad Astronomer has more. Here’s a JPL News video of what Cassini’s been watching at Saturn. 15 years to the next equinox.
And here’s a medium sized version of the image.

Saturn at Equinox

And a previous post on Saturn and Cassini.

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  • Wilde Rover

    Ah Saturn, the Primordial Sun.

    Interesting article here speculating about Saturn’s role in the creation of religion.

    Not entirely sure if it could be seen to be scientifically sound, but fascinating nonetheless.