Adam Price to leave Westminster

The political star of his generation, Adam Price MP, has announced that he will be leaving Westminster at the next election. The Western Mail reports that he’s been awarded a $40,000 Fullbright scholarship to study for a year in the US. He then intends to become an Assembly member at the 2011 elections. Betsan speculates on potential successors in what is that unusual beast, a relatively safe Plaid Cymru seat.
I’m more interested in how Adam can get into the Assembly as is Vaughan. (via GT). The man himself has yet to comment on his blog but has a go at everyone’s favourite – Peter Hain

Adam’s plan is fraught with dangerous risk. No current Plaid constituency AM is thought to be retiring so Adam could:
a) Seek nomination to fight a seat such as Neath or Carmarthen West. Winning either would not be straightforward (that’s the nomination never mind the seat!)
b) Stand for election as head of the top up list in South Wales West maybe. The risk here is that if Plaid win Neath then they might not win a top up AM.

I think he’ll go for Neath – it borders Carmarthen East, his current seat, and is an ex-mining valley – Adam’s from that tradition. To win the nomination and meet the people is spending the next year in the USA the best preparation?