Two Ards councillors join TUV

Two independent councillors have joined the TUV today: They are George Ennis, who is a former MLA for Strangford, and Terry Williams. Jim Allister welcomed the men saying he believed the TUV was becoming “the natural home for more and more principled unionists.” DUP Strangford MLA and Newtownards councillor Jim Shannon said it had been “no secret” that the pair had been supporters of Mr Allister. Arguably the most important part of this is that the TUV is beginning to gain members and representatives in areas where it was heretofore relatively small. Allister commented “Strangford is a strongly Unionist constituency and as we build TUV it is great to have on board these two new councillors. I look forward to working with them and together with the local Branch seeing the cause of Traditional Unionism flourish and grow in Newtownards and district.” Whilst it would be a very big ask for the TUV to take Strangford at Westminster they could cause some waves and if Iris Robinson does not stand at Westminster an internal fight for the candidacy between Michelle McIlveen, Jim Shannon and Simon Hamilton could add to the DUP’s problems.

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