32 CSM leaflet Fermanagh village

I have not seen this in the mainstream media but apparently on Friday three car loads of supporters of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement put leaflets through every letterbox in the Fermanagh village of Derrygonnelly. The leaflets called on people not to cooperate with the PSNI. This is an interesting development since previously dissident support and activity in Fermanagh was largely in the south of the county whereas Derrygonnelly is in north west Fermanagh.

  • Big Maggie

    I swear this “Queen of England” debate is possibly the daftest I’ve ever come across on Slugger.

    I’m ashamed to have even contributed to it.

  • Brit

    BM – delete “contributed to” and replace with “started”

  • What is your source for that?

    It’s wiki – not necessarily worthless – but he’s ignored the sentence above which said:

    Upon Elizabeth’s accession to the throne, her style and title in full was (emphasis mine).

    And the style currently is:

    “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.”

    And I too cannot quite believe I wasted time on this thread…

  • Big Maggie


    Yes, you’re right. If only I’d known what insane proportions it would assume :^)

  • Big Maggie


    “And I too cannot quite believe I wasted time on this thread…”

    Blame Turgon. He lured us in with an alleged leaflet-drop in Fermanagh, allegedly by three car-loads of Dissidents, allegedly last Friday.

    We should have known better.

  • Brit

    Well for me the signficance is two fold.

    1. the importance of reality over false perception, however widespred; and

    2. the tendency amonst *some* people to use the word English when they mean British – particularly when condemning or criticising.

  • barnshe

    (? – was Ireland not invaded by England? Is it a myth? Fuck me, back to the history books yet again) that they were invaded by your country.

    In the version I heard a local chieftan (dermot the poof??) invited them in to help him take over as chief buck cat but the nasty welsh bastard (strongbow??) decided to take over himself

    Then there was an extended period where the thick paddies continually took the sides of losers against england (Spain france the jacobite cause etc etc)

    They poke their nose ointo their neighbours business and then whine when he kicks them up the arse–

  • Brian MacAodh



    Apparently the esteemed magazine The Economist is among the masses who refer to her as the “Queen of England” instead of her other “proper” titles.

    The truth is that the “Queen of England” is what she is referred to and thought of by the vast majority of people. It’s not just Republicans

  • Drumlins Rock

    they wernt English banshee, they were Normans, French guys of Viking descent, who spoke French,…

    never simple is it

  • Brian MacAodh

    Then the Normans became “more Irish than Irish” and adopted Gaelic customs, dress, language, etc. So much so that an alarmed English crown declared it illegal to speak Gaelic, to no avail.

    The Norman Irish stayed Catholic.

  • Drumlins Rock

    and another bunch of Normans came across to enforce it, but these ones had become more English than the English, lots of them also went native…

    however upt north they sent over Normans who had become more scottish than the scottish, they brough loads of other normans/scots/english/french with them, but had picked up that scots stubbornness and still like to build castles.

    I have now completely forgotten what this thread was about originally, this is so much more fun! I personally think the Duke of Lancaster is a pretty awesome old bird.

  • Brian MacAodh

    As long as we all agree that the only “legitmate” government of the Irish Republic is currently sitting in a pub in Dundalk toasting each other on the success of their leaflet offensive I think we can get along just fine.

  • Drumlins Rock

    do you think they mite be Normans is disguise?

  • Drumlins Rock

    in disguise

  • borderline


    “WTF are you if not a Republican”

    I’m an Irish Nationalist. There’s loads of us over here.

    And I don’t give two shits what you call the queen and her ‘full’ title.

    She is the queen of England.

  • Brit


    Fine well I’ll start calling McAleese the President of Dublin.

    Some questions.

    Could you tell me when exactly the English invaded Ireland?

    What, in your view, is the difference between an Irish Nationalist and an Irish Republican

  • DR

    think it was in 7874 BC the first group of English invaded, it was at 4:45 in the afternoon of the 23rd June, quite a nice day, they immediately overpowered the native Irish and forced them into manual servitude (the native Irish being his wee brother and his mates who had sailed across a couple of days before and had built a nice little hut on the beach).

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    “They poke their nose ointo their neighbours business and then whine when he kicks them up the arse—”

    ……….A prejudiced idiots understanding of Irish history!

    32 CSM = …….A bunch of prejudiced idiots who misunderstand Irish history.

  • Charlie Darwin

    Listening to all the Irish posts on here is quite disheartening, on the other hand it could have been even worse.

    Being geographically isolated, irelands population procreated with a very small gene pool, if it were not for the planters, they would be even more inbred than they are today.

    Ireland has alot to thank the brits for. Sure its a fact the British Army cared more for the average catholic on the street than the IRA ever did.

  • DR

    if the new communities stick around and marryin then the wee pool will overflow.

  • barnshee

    18.“They poke their nose ointo their neighbours business and then whine when he kicks them up the arse—”

    ……….A prejudiced idiots understanding of Irish history!

    Try advancing the counter argument
    Dermot was not a poof
    Did not invite Welsh/english/french in
    Orish did not back losere etc