“Futuring” on the subject of the Second Republic…

With apologies to Pete for the futuring thing… a bunch of nare-do-wells on Twitter today started whimsically kicking round Michael O’Sullivan’s call for a Second Republic (search Twitter under the hashtag #inthe2ndrepublic)… Here’s my favourite of their various prognostications:

@ManAboutCouch John O’Donoghue will be Minister of Explaining to the Germans what the Hell we’ve done with their Money #inthe2ndrepublic

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  • Rory Carr

    “…a bunch of nare-do-wells…” ?

    “Ne’er (for ‘never’) -do-wells”, please, Mick.

  • Ronson

    If there’s a new republic does that mean a new anthem? I’ve never liked the Soldier’s Song. Something a bit jazzier like La Marseillaise.

  • michael

    ‘Something a bit jazzier like La Marseillaise’

    Or maybe something by Samantha Mumba with Shane Lynch spittin a few rhymes in there!