The terrorist as Renaissance Man

The film “Chevolution” received its UK première last Friday. Eilis O’Hanlon in the Irish Independent muses on Guevara and the hagiography which surrounds him. She disapprovingly quotes Jean Paul Sartre, who called Guevara “the most complete human being of our age”. Gerry Adams is of course a fan of Guevara, as Ellis says: “Bearded man of violence inspires millions of devoted followers: now why on earth would Gerry find that such a pleasing thought?” Ellis continues: “The irony will be lost on Sinn Fein, because they don’t generally do irony, but it must have crossed their minds at some point that there is something more than a little contradictory about lecturing dissident republicans on the futility of violence whilst simultaneously lauding a man with such bloodied hands as Ernesto Guevara.”

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