Executive’s £2billion black hole

Today’s papers report the SDLP’s verdict on the Executive’s performance to date. The party has also claimed the black hole in Northern Ireland’s budget will grow to more than £2bn by 2011 (details below the fold).

This from the Bel Tel:

The ‘report card’ from the party, whose sole representative on the Executive is Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie, is severely critical of the level of achievement and performance — and makes unfavourable comparisons to the last power-sharing regime which they headed with Ulster Unionists.

Additional pressures on the budget over the next two years:

£ million £ million £ million
2009/10 2010/11 2 year total
Public Expenditure Developments

Deferral of water charges* -400 -400 -800
Treasury fine for deferral of water charges* 0 -200 -200
Freeze on regional rates† -40 -40 -80
Housing Executive house and land sales -100 -100 -200
Non-sale of Crossnacreevy -200 0 -200
Civil Service equal pay claims -200 -80 -280
Capital Asset Realisation Taskforce income -£200 – -200

2009 Treasury budget implications

Efficiency savings required by Chancellor 0 -123 -123

TOTAL SHORTFALL -1140 -943 -2083