What about Parsley’s policies?

The Alliance Party and the Conservative Party are not exactly political bedfellows. Ian Parsley woke up on Friday and Alliance Councillor and went to bed a Tory one. They say a week is a long time in politics but in just one day Ian has had to buy a new wardrobe and change his mind on some big political issues for this region.

The Cereal bar on Thursday morning was full of commitment to the devolution of policing a justice and the hope of an Alliance Minister. Now there is much less of a rush and the Alliance Ministery is just a dirty deal.

A tea time he was pro-Europe and pro-Lisbon. Now he is part of the SF-DUP-Conservative campaign against the Treaty.

He woke up on Friday believing in electoral reform and an end to the unfair first past the post system. He went to bed part of the the party that most supports it.