Polls, polls, polls..

Tomorrow’s Red C poll for the Sunday Business Post looks interesting. Although, how much so may depend on who you believe. On Lisbon II, IOL reports [PA report? – Ed] “23% say they will vote against the EU reform measures, while 15% are still undecided ahead of the ballot on October 2” – leaving 62% saying ‘Yes’. But RTÉ gives different figures

The results show support for Lisbon holding up, with 52% of adults saying they will vote for the Treaty, 25% saying they will vote against and 23% are undecided.

Adds Red C’s Richard Colwell filters the results.On party support only iol, and Irish Election, have the figures.

Business Post poll; FF 24 +3. FG 33 -1. Lab 19 +1. GP 5 +1. SF 8 -2. Ind 11 -2.

According to the RTÉ report – “Red C surveyed more than 1,000 voters around the country on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the poll.”