Wilson warns the water rate subsidy cannot last…

No doubt we’ll have the video tomorrow, but in interview with Julia Paul on tonight’s Hearts and Minds, Finance Minister Sammy Wilson appears to be preparing people for the ending of the water rates subsidy (the one substantive measure agreed by Sinn Fein and the DUP)… There’s simply not the money left in that three year budget… Oh dear… That would be the £1 billion ‘hole’ talked about earlier in the year, that apparently wasn’t there, but is now that Sammy’s had a fresh look (scary monsters ;-)) at Nigel’s books…

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  • bob wilson

    Could this explain Robbo’s ‘conversion’ speech the other day – he fears the electorate are going to turn on the DUP/SF ‘carve up’

  • The Raven

    No problem.

    All I certainly would ask for is transparency.

    Let’s see metering rolled out. Let’s see the domestic rate adjusted down accordingly. Let’s have a long hard look at the running costs of that water “agency”. Let’s see on an annual basis how the recoupment of any profit is actually ploughed back into new infrastructure. Let’s see an end to pumping macerated shite into the ocean. And let’s see some long term promises to ensure that water remains *relatively* public.

    Otherwise….no problem.

  • politico

    oops reality bites

  • e c o

    The Raven has got it exactly right.

  • elvis parker

    Roll on reality. The light weight so and sos who call themselves ‘Ministers’ ducked this decision and few years ago when the Exec and the population was awash with money.
    Now they are going to have to bite the bullet and introduce charges at precisely the wrong time for people’s budgets in the middle of a recession
    I hope the DUP/SF govt get hammered come the elections

  • Jo

    Actually dumping sewage at sea has not happened for several years. Outfall pipes which carry out “stuff” do this during times of heavy rainfall – which admittedly happens regularly now!

  • The Raven

    I wonder what all that work was then, between Portrush and Portstewart a few years ago…