BBC judicious move

Around half of those asked would prefer the licence fee to be lowered by £5.50, compared to just six per cent who wanted additional money to be spent on regional news on other channels.” So concedes the BBC chairman, in the opening move to do business with a Conservative government. The BBC licence fee is £142.

  • willis

    The survey

    The actual question about news on other channels was:

    Funding new organisations to provide
    news about your part of the UK, which
    would be shown on ITV1 and a range of
    other media. (These types of programmes
    may no longer be shown on ITV1 in the
    future without additional funding, but
    would continue to be shown on the BBC)

    Which is not the same as giving it to ITV.

  • jonnykeeb

    Get rid of the licence fee altogether and get rid of the BBC. It is just another tax. Really, would you be that worried if you never saw a BBC programme ever again, or any other TV programme for that matter, would it really affect your life that much, where as the extorionate licence fee would be put to much use else where. Do what other countries do and just make all TV commercial.

  • Eddie

    We’ve been through all this BBC thing twice (!) in recent weeks.

    Enough, Brian!!

  • jone

    Thanks for that detailed, closely argued response jonny. You’re not Lord Carter in disguise by any chance?

    BTW it’s ‘extortionate’.

    All the best

  • Jerome

    I think brian’s got a very good point with regards to doing away with the BBC. It provides nothing which other channels or the internet aren’t doing already and doing it better and with out the political bisis. I’ve never had a liecence and never intent to get one, no matter how many letters they sent, plus there’s the fact that under EU law the shouldn’t even be asking us to pay for they’re rubbish TV.

    here a link with some advice to do if you don’t want to pay

  • willis

    Well said Jerome

    Now we can assume that everyone who pays the Licence fee wants to.


    Were you doing the grammar and spelling thing for effect?


    Unfortunately not, just the best education someone from the north can receive and a computer that won’t do a spell check would account for that poor effort at social commentary. I’ll try to be more observant with my spelling and grammar next time. cheers