Cornwall wakes up

The recent European elections were one of the strangest elections in UK psephological history……

The Tories won the popular vote in Wales. That’s the first time since 1918 that Labour have failed to win the popular vote in a Welsh election.
Sinn Fein topped the poll with you – first time ever. Here’s the result.
The most interesting result, however, was in the Cornish part of South West England, where Mebyon Kernow managed, astonishingly, to beat Labour and come in fifth11,500 votes

They revolted in 1497 – now they are at it again.
Good article from yesterday’s Indie. The Cornish language is taught in 50 primary schools in the country. Excellent PPB by Mebyon Kernow (Thanks to Vaughan for that).
Plaid support Cornwall becoming a member of the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly
Best of luck to them.