Sleepers in the blogosphere

I’m never one for a conspiracy but did notice how many right wing and pro-union blogs whizzed into Iain Dale’s top 20 NI blog list this year. I was even more surprised when I found that the majority of them have not been updated for over two weeks and several have been dormant since July.

I undertand Iain’s desperate desire to promote the unionist and conservative cause but surely he could find some living right wingers to promote!

  • Mark McGreg

    Well, somehow Matthew McDermott (SDLP Cllr) made the list and he hasn’t updated in a long time and also made claims about an SDLP report on the ATN he neither delivered or returned emails on when asked about it.

  • Yes Mark and Rebelsyell is also very out of date and on the list but the vast majority and from Iain’s own stable.

    Poor reflection on NI blogging in general though.

  • Drumlins Rock

    maybe the guys are having a summer holiday, maybe not a bad idea, shut down the blogsphere for 3 months each yr 🙂

  • Maybe they are all teachers or MLAs!

  • borderline

    God knows Mick Fealty’s a stoop-down-low-and-never-mind-little-wee-Fenian-me but Slugger’s where it’s at.

  • Maybe we’s marching.

  • DC

    I wouldn’t worry about Iain Dale’s list so long as Slugger’s numero Uno who cares, as the rest aren’t up to much tbf.

    Besides Iain Dale is an accomplished unelected politician and isn’t to be trusted for advocating anything other than right wing nonsense, having a very English accent will get you further up the list.

  • Mick Fealty

    You talkin’ ta me..? Are you talkin’ to me DC?

  • Just to be clear, I didn’t promote any blogs. These are the ones people voted for. I hadn’t even heard of half of them!

  • Thanks for that Iain. Maybe ot does hoghlight an obvious weakness in the process.

  • ‘It’ even!

  • Pigeon Toes

    “obvious weakness in the process.”

    Even if they win awards?

    Stratagem as sponsors of the Slugger Awards surely Have a say on who appears on Slugger?

  • What weakness has been identified? Slugger has asked for more Unionist Bloggers, but it seems they’re out there doing it for themselves instead of whinging on other people’s sites. They are also more likely to be clued into a wider blog community outside of Northern Ireland. So again, there is a vibrant Unionist blog community and where’s the weakness in that?

  • The weakness I was referring to was that semi dormant blogs could be so highly rated. It just happened that the majority of them are unionist.