Now Gerry, just leave Martin’s delectable bum out of this…

Least said soonest mended, so over to Martina:

“The Republican struggle was not and is not about bums on Executive seats – even a bum as delectable as Martin McGuinness’s.”

Cock a doodle do…

Please note this post was filed under HUMOUR!

  • OC

    Put the “arse” in farce!

  • A neat little bit of ambiguity in that post, Mick. I thought initially that Martina was the sometime beauty queen, Martina Anderson, and that she’d a crush on her former ‘military’ boss. What a bummer 🙂

  • Mick, I see the Beeb has now edited the title of Martina’s article. It’s been pruned to Galbally; ‘Culture Minister …’ gets the chop; Curse of Slugger strikes again 😉

  • loki

    Martin’s bum is way nicer than Gerry’s. It’s just jealousy.

    Submit word “sure” as in “sure an’ would you look at that delectable arse now”