Sinn Fein’s ticking timebombs

I’ll be blogging occasionally here and cross posting, mainly on politics, from O’Conall Street.

Yesterday I wrote about Sinn Fein’s ticking time-bombs which will undermine its chances of significantly growing support across the island.

Having listened to Gerry Adams on the radio this morning the party’s challenges are obvious. He excels at peace process politics but stumbles clumsily through the issues and appears to ignore the opportunity for regional government in the North. Yet it is the party’s performance in government North of the Border which is likely to most influence its electability in the Republic. When asked to identify his big priorities for the autumn he mentioned an Irish Language Act but said nothing about the economy or education.

It is not just Sinn Fein which is examining it’s future. Nationalism in general is reflecting on the future, something I also blogged about recently.