Yes, this is the internet but you MUST pay!

Just been sent a link to a piece on the Associated Press servers, and came across this pay per play copyright function…. That’s one way to protect your material from bloggers and keep the likes of Mr Murdoch and his return-to-subscription model happy… Trouble is that many of the rest of us will simply press on regardless…

  • kensei

    Except everyone will just copy from the article direct and AP will have a hell of a time winning in court for tiny linked back pieces.

    And as Wired points out, their copyright protection tech doesn’t work:

  • otto

    We need a Pirate Party (or at least a Pirate Lobby) in the UK.

    And we need parliament to wise up and decree that when an “artist” gets paid to put their “work” on commercial radio they aren’t entitled to a second cut from employers who are at worst indifferent to whether their employee’s listen to that radio at work – and should certainly not be liable if employees listen to the radio in contravention of a corporate policy.

  • The Raven

    I’m with Otto. A quick quote from one of my favourite books, We-Think by Charles Leadbeater:

    !Between the pure, open and voluntary models at one end of the spectrum and the classic closed corporation at the other end, an enormous middle ground is opening up, where new hybrids will appear, mixing open and closed, public and private, community and corporation, collaboration and commerce.”

    Time for the BBC to realise that it needs to get its hands dirty, and that *some* “artists”, many of whom I respect and admire, need to re-adjust their sights on what level of lucre they will acquire in their careers.

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