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Due sensitivity has been observed over the thorny problem of how to symbolise Northern Ireland in new UK projects. The controversial ID card has already been discussed exhaustively in Slugger, where you can just about make out the shamrock ( for Irish citizens, you see). For the new Supreme Court which is more territorial, they opted for a flax plant, not that we have many left outside the Folk museum. From the BBC slide show ( sorry I can’t reproduce directly from my so-called new improved browser.)

“On emblems.. In the new Supreme Court due to open in September, Northern Ireland is represented by a flax plant.
A new “emblem”.., is emblazoned in the glass entrance to the court and illuminated above the judge’s bench in one of the courtrooms. It seems to have conspicuously replaced the royal crest that occupies a similar position in most courtrooms.The symbol, designed in close consultation with the law lords, “will provide a strong, memorable and consistent reference point for the UK supreme court both at home and abroad”, Lord Hope said.
“All four nations are equally represented in the design, and it is embraced by a symbol, which is both Libra, symbolising the scales of justice, and Omega, symbolising finality,” he added. The emblem – which includes a rose conjoined with the leaves of a leek to represent England and Wales, a thistle for Scotland and a flax plant for Northern Ireland – is a strong statement of independence, experts say.”