Arms find in Magherafelt

I cannot find much about this apart from in the Mid Ulster Mail and the TUV’s comment on the issue but there appears to have been an arms find in Magherafelt last Friday. Jim Allister is claiming that these weapons appear to be linked to the IRA. The lack of mention of all this in the rest of the media is a little odd.

  • DaithíÓ

    Could that be because it doesn’t actually exist?

  • ken

    Could they belong to prods ?

  • righteous indignation

    Well sure if Allister says that the arms are linked to “IRA/SF” then it must be true.

    All hail Allister.

    Turgon, you have definitely carved out a reputation as a responsible, measured contributor and I genuinely do enjoy reading your analyses. However, concentrating on idle, unsubstantiated speculation ain’t exactly doing anything to advance said reputation.

  • ben

    Gibbering loonies make stuff up, wonder why there’s no mainstream coverage of it. Gullible fundamentalists’ war against reality continues.

  • joeCanuck

    appears to have been an arms find
    appear to be linked to the IRA

    Gossip is not your forte, Turgon. Stick to your usually well thought out analyses.


  • Big Maggie


    To be fair to Turgon he’s only blogging what appears in the press. The Mid-Ulster Mail may not be on a par with national dailies but I’ve rarely seen it print stories that were downright fiction.

    But my curiosity is definitely aroused….

  • latcheeco

    It’s unbelievable how much these people really need the IRA.

  • Sean

    I have seen it sugested that the arms were wrapped in Sinn Fein and IRA clothing!

    Covenient huh?

  • Big Maggie


    “It’s unbelievable how much these people really need the IRA.”

    That’s a very profound and pertinent comment! I wish I’d thought of it first :^)

  • Ballykinler resident
  • Comrade Stalin

    The lack of mention of all this in the rest of the media is a little odd.

    Not as odd as Jim Allister apparently not having the time to issue a statement for almost a full week when a man was beaten to death in his possible future parliamentary seat. Yet he has the time to speculate on an apparently ficticious arms find associated with a defunct and burnt-out ex-paramilitary organization.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘It’s unbelievable how much these people really need the IRA.’

    Indeed, it brings to mind James Molyneaux’s slip of the tongue.

  • joeCanuck

    Big Maggie;
    You may be right, but it seems that the Mail is relying on Allister.
    Police say that certain suspicious articles were found accidentally. New tenants found some stuff from the 20s, 30s whatever?

  • Frank Sinistra

    When the PSNI find time to immediately denounce stink bomb throwing, whistle blowing protestors on Radio Ulster news as supporters of ‘murderous gangs’ (at the same time bizarrely stating they had a right to peaceful protest) it is a bit odd they have little to say on this.

  • Jimmy

    I would not dismiss that the arms belonged to the Provos and that it has been ‘conveniently’ ignored. Make no mistake the Provo’s still have access to arms.

    I remember not so long ago in a large west Belfast estate when hoods were being chased in cars and shots were fired by someone known ‘not’ to be a dissident. We all heard the shots and some seen the incident, The PSNI came along after for about 5 minutes and went away. Guess what? Absolutely No reporting of the incident we all sat waiting for the News that night.

    It almost seems the Provos and Sinn Fein are part of a Political establishment to be kept on board for the sake of the political status quo and some small indiscretions like this are being conveniently ignored.
    That simply could not be true, could it? (sarcasm intended)

  • CW


    “James Molyneaux’s slip of the tongue”

    Haven’t heard of this – what did he actually say?

  • Instead of going on about why it must be untrue, why not talk about why it might be true?

    Sounds like part of FAIR’s attempt to get Patrica MacBride – supporter of her brothers, especially Tony aka Antoin Mac Giolla Bride – removed as Victims’ Commissioner, appointed by MM.

    As I recall, the MacBrides had a small estate in Magherafelt. Could be that the PSNI finally found some weapons cache there – what could be used to add to allegations about Tony’s IRA career, though there doesn’t seem to be much substance to since his killing right after that of innocent business Frederick Jackson, right after the Brighton bombing.

    Downing Street seems to be most interested in collecting new dirt against the Provos in order to minimize interest in Sir John Chilcot’s dirt.

  • Turgon

    We have not heard from you for a while: welcome back.

    I see you are back to your conspiracy theories.

    For any new readers of slugger it should be pointed out that Prof. Ford tells everyone that he is a retired American academic now living in Sweden: things I do not doubt as indeed I have no doubt he has produced valid academic research in the past.

    However, he is also involved in a series of increasingly unbelievably conspiracy theories including but not limited to the one that former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was murdered by British intelligence as part of some bizarre plot to win the Cold War which somehow also involved Northern Ireland.

    It is sometimes useful to know a little about a person who makes claims such as Prof. Ford does above.

  • boss hogg

    Well Turgon what about Mr Tosh do you have a view on the subject, or is the story on the arms a load of Tosh.

  • Big Maggie


    Possibly “Prof” Ford appreciates as few others that we live in a world so dirty and underhanded that if the average schmuck knew half of what goes on clandestinely there’d be calls for anarchy all round.

  • Thanks, guys, for defending me against Turgon.

    He gets all wound up when he sees anything from me, discussing the Anglo-American assassination of Olof Palme which almost led to Armageddon.

    I am currently right back into the subject, given Sir John Chilcot’s appointment to head the Iraq War Inquiry.

    Chilcot was appointed Deputy Under Secretary of State in charge of the Home Office’s Police Department when the government’s handling of apparent hitman Captain Simon Hayward, and Manchester businessman Kevin Taylor was spinning out of control.

    Chilcot was to make sure that their complaints did not revive John Stalker’s shoot-to-kill inquiry – what was looking into the Palme assassination when he was removed.

    For more on Chilcot, see this link which will be expanded with more additions:;=

    And in this, the MacBride killing figures peripherally, as Jo Thomas mentioned it while discussing the more important killings of Francis Bradley and Frederick Jackson.

  • Turgon

    It is not so much that I get wound up about “the Anglo-American assassination of Olof Palme which almost led to Armageddon.” It is more that I find it useful to get you to mention it as it demonstrates your crack pot theories to everyone and, hence, shows people that your main interest is irrelevant made up nonsense. However, as long as you avoid libel I do not mind what you write.

    Big Maggie,
    Oddly conspiracy theories have been suggested to be an attempt (by the believer) to simplify things to make the complex real world more understandable and are a “search for meaning.” Here is a wikipedia explanation though I have read much better.

    boss hogg,
    Sorry I do not know much about Tosh except that he has left obviously.

  • Just more of your nonsene, Turgon, as you clearly mind what I claim, hoping that posters will just dismiss it as crazy conspiracy theory.

    But false conspiracy theories do libel people, so how can you not be concerned about my continuing libels of individuals and governments not allegedly involved in assassinating Olof Palme?

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’m a lot more concerned about Trow’s comments defending Stalinism. The last time I pointed this out he asked the moderators to have my comments removed.

  • Turgon

    I do hope that people will dismiss the idea that the British murdered Olof Palme as a crazy conspiracy theory: funnily enough because that it what it is, along with most of the rest of what you come out with.

    In terms of libel: I see that you have had trouble with libel in the past.

  • Cushy Glenn

    let’s face it folks, the media have always operated to an establishment agenda in the wee six. Sinc the Provos are now part of that establishment these stories are never going to get coverage. Once upon a time it would have been hyped to the roof by the RUC press office. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle- that there are IRA weapons not decommissioned which will continue to turn up but in such small quantities that the DUP can ignore them.

  • Just more nonsense, Turgon.

    I have had no libel problems in the past, only threats because of truths which resulted, for example, in **edited – moderator** – you know, the FRU guy who caused the murder of that IRA woman by shooting off his mouth about its operations – seeing to the posting of three maps about where I lived in the hope that I would be murdered or afraid of being murdered.

    I have heard nothing from ** edited – moderator ** in well over two years now. He just shoots off his mouth.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “wonder why there’s no mainstream coverage of it”!

    Duh because it wouldn’t fit the “peace process” agenda.

    A bit like all the other “incidents” in villages and towns across Ireland, that might lead it’s citizens and the world at large to see what’s really happening….

    Am sick of hearing about “how far Northern Ireland has come”.(American relative time again).

    Who the fuck are they trying to kid?

  • And still more nonsense from Turgon.

    ** edited moderator**

    And don’t forget that Turgon brought up my theories about who assassinated Olof Palme!

    Turgon apparently just wants to be a troll.

  • Turgon

    Let us make this clear: there is no question of censorship here. However, I have as you, and everyone else, also has, an obligation not to put potentially libellous comments on the website. Anyone who wants can read your theories elsewhere: that is fine. However, your comments on other sites have previously led to threats of action for libel. In this case the libel would be against Mick Fealty as it is his site. As such I am afraid that I cannot allow the removed comments.

  • Billy Lyre

    It was reliably reported today that the suspicious object seized by the PSNI was probably a pike which could date back to the 1840’s. Police are examining it for fingerprints although they are not sure that their records go back that far. Police said that they might send a bit of the shaft to the Forensic Science Lab for C14 testing. They are then likely, actually probably, going to donate it to The Ulster Museum for display when the museum renovations are completed, probably by 2016 before the money runs out.

  • Pigeon Toes

    “As I recall, the MacBrides had a small estate in Magherafelt.”

    Really? Never knew they were landed gentry…

  • Big Maggie

    Spot the Difference Nr. 5825:

    ** edited moderator**

    Aug 01, 2009 @ 12:55 PM

    … and …

    Let us make this clear: there is no question of censorship here.

    Aug 01, 2009 @ 01:14 PM

    Keep it up, lads. This is more fun than watching my cat licking his testicles.

  • Pigeon Toes

    Thanks Big Maggie, there’s an image that will stay with me throughout dinner…

  • gagging for it

    Allister and Turgon are gagging for a serious militant Irish republican campaign to begin again. It’s the only thing that can give them the political oxygen needed to survive.

  • Big Maggie

    Pigeon Toes,

    You’re welcome! Speaking of dinner, I have a whole rash of in-laws darkening my door at sevenish, so it’s apron-donning time again.

    Bon appetit.

  • Turgon

    Big Maggie,
    I have removed the name and only the name Trowbridge used that is all. Trowbridge has accused a named individual of murder: this individual has previously denied the claim and as far as I understand threatened libel against Trowbridge and against the site on which he made the comment.

    In the context of slugger the individual could then sue Mick for Trowbridge’s comments: now what exactly would you have me do? If you disagree with my decision discuss it with Mick.

  • Pigeon Toes

    Actually it is Thanks Maggie (Been able to convince Mr P Toes) to eat later and take me out for dinner…

  • Sceptical

    So allegedly someone found guns conveneintly wrapped in an IRA T-shirt. You couldn’t make stuff like this up. Were they planted by the local TUV branch?

  • RepublicanStones

    Trow wasn’t Ms Perry buried up in Sligo, near that beautiful little village of Mullaghmore?

  • sinless

    A few weapons is hardly earth shattering. Myopic Unionist sectarians thik they matter. The Skibereen eagle syndrome. Stioll, if it pushes Robson off the main pages, can’t be totally bad.

    Turgon, today is the anniversary of Kevin Lynch, hurler and INLA hero. You ewearing black? It is that time of the year after all wehn Orange turns to Black.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin


    You know the score… please behave!!

  • Sorry, Slugger O’Toole Admin, I am not going to behave according to your terms – i.e. remain silent while the thread starter in this case, Turgon, engages in trolling to undermine my credibility, posts an empty threat to sue me to reinforce the trolling, removes part of a reply by me without so indicating, and then takes down a whole reply with any indication.

    This is police state control of discussions, and I shall have no more to do with this site.

  • Big Maggie


    I’m sorry to see you go. I’ve always enjoyed your erudition. I dislike censorship on blogs. The MSM are bad enough at that kind of thing; if you dare criticize their journalists or their take on a story, they either won’t publish/print it or they’ll bowdlerize it.

    It’s unfortunate when this happens on a blog. The ordinary reader like myself is left wondering what went on.

    But at the end of the day it’s Mick Fealty’s site. He pays the piper so he makes the rules.

  • Turgon

    Big Maggie,
    As a point of information the only thing I removed was the name of an individual whom Trowbridge has accused of serious criminal wrong doing and who had threatened Trowbridge with libel for these accusations on another web site. I do not know the individual named and know nothing about the veracity of Trowbridge’s claims: however, I felt it necessary to remove the name.

    When Trowbridge kept putting back up the name I contacted Mick and he removed the posts entirely. Trowbridge is and will remain welcome to post here and anyone who wants (including myself) is welcome to challenge him.

    What we cannot have is people making potentially libellous remarks. If they are made Mick’s only defence is to remove them: if he fails to do so he (Mick) is liable to being sued.

    Now maybe I over reacted: however, I like and respect Mick and am very loyal to him. I am also committed to keeping this web site going: as such the above sequence of events occurred. If you have further concerns you are welcome to email me.

  • Big Maggie


    Thanks for the clarification. I well understand Mick’s position and in his shoes I’d do the same at the merest hint of a possible libel suit.

    I’ll take you at your word that all was as you set out above.

    I do hope Trowbridge returns though. I enjoyed his comments. Unique and erudite.

  • Laughing Laird Laird

    How close to the ground where the knuckles on the hands of the arms?

  • Carson’s Cat

    From what I hear Allister’s firing blanks on this one! 😉

    He’s clearly got his facts wrong – but we’re unlikely ever to hear an admission of that one.

    I’m sure the conspiracy theorists will believe its all some big cover-up though…..

  • Dread Cthulhu

    A couple of points… for the sake of argument, assuming all the facts in evidence are true — there was an arms cache with a few firearms and some explosives

    Firstly, if we had a more detailed listing of the cache, a more reasoned (but not necessarily accurate) judgment could be rendered.

    If it’s AK’s and Semtex, it is *probably* Republican.

    If it’s FN-FAL’s and C-4, it is *probably* Loyalist.

    If it’s rusty crap from elsewhen, then it becomes more of a Rorschach blot than it already is. For all we know, its a couple of Mausers or Lee-Enfields and some sweaty old dynamite.

    The above said, the SF t-shirts are a touch too cute.

    There were other players in the Troubles beyond SF/PIRA and, for the price of a few t-shirts

    I would point out to Turgon, however, that the two links are circular — the Mid-Ulster Mail is not reporting on the discovery of the cache, but on Allister’s calling out PSNI on the matter. We have no direct reporting that isn’t Allister that such a discovery was even made.

    For the moment, why not take comfort in the **possibility** that a few more illegal weapons are out of circulation, that the explosives are no longer lying about and that, if there is a truth here, it will ultimately out, regardless of trollbridges and personal point scoring on the matter.