How Pastor McConnell came to destroy his Church’s own orphanage in Romania..

I mentioned Will Crawley’s blog on Pastor Jim McConnell in the blogburst… Malachi put his sound segment up on his blog and the conversation has fairly taken off… Much of the piece is about how the pastor of the Whitewell Metropolitian Church‘s reveals an amazing story about how he personally destroyed a children’s home he had established in Romania last year…


  • This is a problem that I see again and again with links on this site.

    It’s not clear at all what link takes us to the story in question becuase of the amount of unnecessary links.

  • joeCanuck

    Chill out BN. There is no compulsion to follow links.

  • Slimer

    Talk Turkey.

    If you want to play the religion is evil / Whitewell Tabernacle is as bad as paedo catholic shenanigans or whatever then make the relevant specific accusations in detail.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I saw the article in the BT earlier this week on this matter, and I found it somewhat suspicious to say the least. The comments in Malachi’s blog reaffirmed those suspicions.