Former TUV councillor charges Allister with running a dictatorship

One of the intriguing aspects of the TUV’s first public ‘defection’ is that it’s a money man. Councillor Charlie Tosh, once one of Peter Robinson’s team on Castlereagh Borough Council, has resigned from Jim Allister led TUV. The crux of the matter seems to have revolved around Allister’s rejection of Tosh’s proposal to set up a south Belfast branch… He has also warned darkly that other donors are similarly thinking about jumping ship… But for now, Mr Cameron’s local project looks like taking another convert: “Whilst I am an independent at the moment, I would be contemplating at least taking the UUP whip, if not joining the party.” Some would argue that it is Allister’s very tight control of the party that has furnished it with its huge impact in the European elections.

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