“Persistence pays off..”

After a number of delays Space Shuttle Endeavour finally launched last night on Mission STS-127. Although there are some concerns about minor damage caused by pieces of foam insulation. You can watch the launch video here. But to mark the 40th Anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, and the Guardian has a good collection of bits and pieces on the mission, here’s a fascinating clip of the Apollo 11 launch with comments from Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins and other Apollo astronauts from “In the Shadow of the Moon”.

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  • Scamallach

    What does this have to do with “Northern Ireland Politics & Culture”?

  • kelly d

    Scamallach: Slugger often has space-related subjects. The 40th anniversary of the first mission to the seems appropriate to me. (I, myself, remember watching the launch in the early morning hours of my 9th birthday. I’m still a space geek.)

  • Pete Baker

    Indeed kelly.

    And your point was, Scamallach? ;o)

  • I The Shadow of the Moon is a great watch Pete. Have been rewatching the drama series From the Earth to the Moon over the past few week. great stuff.