The annual flag row, mostly involving loyalists looking pathetic…

AS loyalists take down nationalist flags in Derry, so they’re putting more of their own up in Bangor. As can be seen in their video, the shit-stirring Brandywell Flag Bandits are tearing up lampposts and tearing down Irish tricolours for their bonfires and Bebo photo taunts. Normally I’d have no problem with flags being removed from public property – something the authorities never do – but this action is clearly designed to escalate the situation.

Meanwhile in north Down, loyalists are putting up flags in protest at the Council withdrawing funding for a bonfire because it didn’t meet the criteria (video here). According to the Bangor Spectator, the Rathgill site got only £550 of £700 for for starting collection too early and placing the bonfire too close to a new housing estate. Local residents had already raised concerns about the fire, as well as flag numbers and kerbstone painting.

So for the sake of a measly £150 for breaking the rules, Bangor looks like the Shankill by the sea.