DUP nerves fraying, Paisleys sending Robinson a warning over Larkin promotion?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the DUP have been thrown into crisis mode by the result of the European Election. The last two weeks have brought the bizarre ministerial reshuffle by Peter Robinson, which led to the promotion of the hardline Nelson McCausland (he who opposed playing pitches for St. Malachy’s College on the grounds that they would eat into a protestant area) to DCAL and the unexpected arrival of Robin Newton to the Ministerial table, a consequence of the party’s reaction to the on-going Expenses/ Double jobbing scandal (Newton clearly is the First Minister’s ‘chosen one’ for East Belfast in the upcoming Westminster election.)

But events in the past several days have signalled a definite upping of the ante from the party. Firstly, the decision by the outgoing Environment Minister (Sammy Wilson) to seek a delisting of the Maze/ Long Kesh sites was clearly a calculated pitch to the recalcitrant unionists who would appear to have turned their heads to Jim Allister, as much as it was an attempt to goad republicans.
But the antics of the Paisleys today have signalled a loss of discipline within a party which had come to pride itself on its ability to keep its representatives on message. The North Antrim pairing were very clearly intent on delivering a message that the trial ‘behaviour’ of the inquiry lawyer representing the tribunal should have repercussions regarding his proposed elevation to the position of Attorney General: (12 minutes in)
“More will come of that later.” (Paisley Jnr)
“A lot of things could happen.” (Paisley Jnr.)
“John will come to regret the day that he said those things.” (Paisley Jnr.)
“All these things will all gather a force and at the end of the day I believe that righteousness will be exalted.” (Paisley Snr.)

Interestingly, Ian Paisley Snr deliberately made reference to the testimony provided by Peter Robinson during the trial. There are two interpretations of that: either the Paisleys are confident that the ‘sin’ committed by John Larkin in performing his professional job in a manner that annoyed them will be justly punished by the new leadership of their party, or they’re in a state of anxiety regarding whether or not the Paisley brand remains sufficiently strong within the party to dictate decision-making.

  • Mark McGregor

    Or maybe Paisley went off on one and gave one of the north’s most experienced baristers the perfect basis for a future case if he doesn’t land the next plum role he applies for.

  • John O’Connell

    It’s all over for the Paisleys after the Chuckle Brothers routine made Papa Doc into an idiot who betrayed the hardline voters. Shame and embarrassment was the order of the day.

    Won’t be long before Gerry Adams faces the same shame and embarrassment. I guess it will be over the hunger strike issue but I could be wrong. It could be something else yet to materialise.

  • Bemused

    If IPJ and IKP seriously think that a Senior Counsel doing his job by properly putting one of them to the sword is in some way justification for that Senior Counsel having his previously publicly-trumpeted nomination as AG being revoked then they have truly lost their marbles. The chances of The Lark’s designation being interfered with are precisely nil. If his designation were to be interfered with on the basis hinted at by IPJ then he would have a penalty kick estoppel/breach of legitimate expectation action against OFMDFM and the NIO. This is all about IPJ engaging in his usual hopeless bluster to try and divert attention from his own conspicious failings and inadequacies. this goon’s continued participation in public life is a further sad endorsement (if one were needed) of the current shocking lack of talent within the northern political parties.

  • John McIlveen

    John O’Connell

    Take a look at the hunger strikers families statement after the meeting with Adams and other leadership figures and then look at any account of the meeting you can….

    Might help ya


    On the general thrust of Chris’s thread, very interesting comments by doc and baby doc re the trial and John Larkin… The reasons for the constant referring to Robinson have interesting consequences either way.

    It should be interesting to watch this unfold.

  • joeCanuck

    The Paisley brand is well beyond its best by date. As Bemused well put it “usual hopeless bluster to try and divert attention from his own conspicious failings and inadequacies.

  • Cynic

    Oh lighten up guys will you. We are entering the political silly season and after the case of the Crossgar Chickens things are getting stranger and stranger.

    So today in Downing Street we also had the Martin and Gordy show. Pete couldn’t make it but on the BBC afterwards Martin was very positive

    “Mr McGuinness said he wanted the government to accept liability on a range of issues including earning loss claims for security force personnel”

    So if all those estranged cops cant stomach voting for the DUPs anymore they now have a real choice. Marty is out there campaigning for more money for them to compensate if they should lose any cash as a result of peace and devolution. Just think that a mere 10 years ago it would have been tough getting that policy past the Army Council!!!

    So will there be a drift to SF as an alternative to the TUVs? Who knows.

    Its a wonderful world.

  • John O’Connell

    John McIlveen

    Take a look at the hunger strikers families statement after the meeting with Adams and other leadership figures and then look at any account of the meeting you can….

    You need to keep apace of events, John. Clearly it is not as simple as a meeting of the two agencies who have an interest in preserving the myth about the hunger strikers.

    The truth will out. It will sound something like Gerry Adams in particular sending these men to their deaths as his sacrifices for SF careers in politics.

    The truth is that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and those who peddle the myth that the hunger strikers died knowing that SInn Fein were urging them on so that they could challenge the SDLP, then you will probably be wrong. The hunger strikers died because they were focussed on their own struggle in the prisons and the thought of Gerry Adams extending the hunger strike by six deaths in order to maximise the political impact is pornographically evil.

  • Driftwood

    Must be a first that I agree with Chris Donnelly’s analysis. The Paisley ‘brand’ has ‘gone South’ though not in a literal sense.
    Robinson is getting near Gordon Brown endgame politics. The DUP have virtually conceded that policing and justice are Stormont bound, but are at a loss what to do.
    Lucky for them the UUP have no-one of George Osborne’s quality to turn the screw.
    Jim Allister must be ready to open the (non-alcoholic) champagne.

  • DC

    I wouldn’t listen to the Paisleys these days.

  • Secret Squirrel

    I feel sorry for poor Ian Paisley Jnr. :O(
    Imagine having to go through life with a piggy-eyed, ugly coupon like his.

  • Bisto

    Funny how all the commentariat was seen cheering Suzy Breen to High Heaven for her brave stance, but many of the same commentators who praised her are to be found on this sight laying the boot into Ian Og for standing up for exactly the same principle.

    Consistency? Principle? No chance when there’s a Paisley to be given a kicking.

  • frustrated democrat

    Although I am amost as far from the Paisleys as you can get, on the central issue Paisley Junior is correct on maintaining the confidentality of his source.

    However the ‘threats’ to Larkin who was doing his job are typical of Paisley Senior’s ‘bully boy’ tactics over the years and show just how they think.

    This again shows the split in the DUP with the Paisleys and friends v. Robinson and friends with Dodds who knows where and Donaldson exiled to London, at least until the next Westminster election, after that who knows where he will be.

    There is an old saying ‘it never rains but it pours’ the deluge is on the way for the DUP just as it was for the UUP in the last 10 years.

  • willis


    I am a supporter of Suzanne Breen’s stance and so far have not given an opinion on IPJ.

    Can I venture that on both cases the judge got it right. Suzanne Breen’s judgement was principally about the danger she faced if she revealed her source. He did not provide a carte blanche endorsement of the right to protect sources.

    “Mr Larkin showed judge Mr Justice Gillen an interview Mr Paisley had given to a Sunday newspaper saying going to jail had not done his father’s political career any harm, and it wouldn’t do his any either.”

    Unless I am mistaken, Ian senior never faced jail for protecting his sources. Back in the day he appeared to have a number of well placed informants. I suspect they were either rumbled or left alone.

    The fact that Ian Junior asked his source twice for permission to reveal his name shows that principle was not his first consideration.

  • danielmoran

    frustrated democrat…. msg 12.
    Ian og, has shown in his interview why he is unfit to hold any public office. With his customary mean minded attitude, he has scored a massive O.G. It’s nemesis catching up with him and his da, after the fiddling of the taxpayer in the expenses saga, So, since the causeway saga, he’s gone from ‘seymour money’ to see less money.
    he doesn’t inspire much sympathy, does he.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Agreed. I’ve heard from different sources that Paisley Jnr, unlike his father, is not a well-liked man. It’s easy to see why that is the case.

  • Sorry: just catching up here.

    Excuse me while I wipe the screen: that marvellous bit of sarcasm by Driftwood @ 11:30 PM, no-one of George Osborne’s quality to turn the screw, caused me to splutter my coffee.

    Young Gids, sharing cocaine with prostitutes, “turning the screw” … delicious!

  • Cushy Glenn

    The real scandal of yesterday is why the Enquiry decided to seek a nominal contribution of £3k towards its costs,meaning we are all going to pay the balance of tens of thousands of pounds (punts?)in a case where we should remember Junior was given chance after chance to comply with the law, and every time he was brought back to court the lawyers’ bills understandably increased. So first the Enquiry instruct their lawyer not to ask for him to be jailed, and then they effectively subsidise the penalty he might have expected to face. And this when all right thinking people would have had him sent to the Copeland islands for life…..

  • danielmoran

    comrade stalin. I’m not so sure that ian snr. is that well liked anymore either, Sunny Jim must have some inside knowledge in n. antrim to make him so confident he can take paisley on in his old stamping ground. Or perhaps he just wants to seriously wound rather than kill off completely.
    Ian mor must be thinking back to 1977 these days. his last public humiliation, where peter the punt saw his chance to get leverage over him by saving his political career. interesting times chez duppers.

  • Zoon Political

    Does this now mean Paisley Jnr has a criminal record. Mr Justice Gillen said: it would be “recipe for legal anarchy if individuals could decide to pick and choose with impunity those laws which they choose to obey and those laws they defy”. As he decided to defy the rule of law and order is he now unfit for public office?

  • John East Belfast

    This “threat” is indicative of the religious DUP mindset of judgement (a curse) on those who cross them

    A few years back at a polling station I was having a row with a Free P/DUP activist and when I slagged off Paisley senior I was warned about Brian Faulkners death caused by his horse riding accident. That – I was told (in all sincerity) – was the fate of anyone who crosses Dr Paisley.

  • loki

    ZP I’m not sure Ian Og’s ever been fit for public office;-)

  • Jack Walker

    On a different but connected note, I understand that DUP Lisburn City Cllr Paul Givan is back working for Edwin Poots as his special adviser (Mr Poots today replaced Sammy Wilson as Minister of Environment). However, according to the Federation of Small Businesses NI office he is still their public affairs manager. Am confused. Can someone please clarify?

  • danielmoran

    ‘as he has decided to defy the rule of law and order, is he now unfit for public office’.

    zoon political, i can settle that one straight away. the answer is NO. he never was fit to run for public office. how did he get ever there?
    Eight letter answer; NEPOTISM.

  • Zoon Political

    The DUP’s Ian Paisley Jr will not be jailed if he refuses to pay a £5,000 fine for contempt of court. What’s the fecking point then?
    Seems one rule for the politco elite and another for others in this bastardised society of ours.

  • Salem

    After seeing Poots and Givan together this week – it seems that Givan is back in the fold.

  • Zoon Political @ 03:30 PM:

    Surely it’s like the old one about the masochist and the sadist locked in the cell.

    The masochist rips off his togs and demands, “Beat me! Beat me!”

    The sadist leans back against the wall, smirks, and murmurs, “No-o-o- …”

  • joeCanuck

    Zoon, you should have read on. Assets will be seized if necessary.

  • Jack Walker

    So Givan is ‘double jobbing’ – working for the FSB and the Department of Environment (as special adviser)!!?

  • Dave

    “Mr Paisley appears to want [a jail sentence] too much. Brandishing custody in front of Mr Paisley would be like brandishing a whip in front Sir Max Mosley.” – John Larkin

    Whatever about wanting it too much, he certainly protested too much about the quip. A secret fetish? A raw nerve accidently flayed by the whip, perhaps?

    If his source actually exists, then I’d commend him for protecting his identity and thereby honouring his word to his source. I’m not sure what to make of the laughable revenge of the righteous guff. If he intended to stop Mr Larkin from getting the job of AJ, he has merely succeeded in making him the bookies’ favourite.

  • joeCanuck

    And now Junior has started digging another hole for himself. Seems he wants to appear to be a martyr.
    As I mentioned before, some MLAs are pompous windbags, no names mentioned.

  • Comrade Stalin

    comrade stalin. I’m not so sure that ian snr. is that well liked anymore either, Sunny Jim must have some inside knowledge in n. antrim to make him so confident he can take paisley on in his old stamping ground. Or perhaps he just wants to seriously wound rather than kill off completely.

    I don’t think Allister anticipated running against Paisley Snr, and I think he calculated that the DUP don’t have a serious candidate to run in N Antrim (Jnr does not qualify as a “serious candidate”).

    Even if Paisley Snr did run, and did win, Allister would simply wait until the by-election which must be close to being inevitable within a short time. Paisley’s shown remarkable longevity but I don’t think he has the energy to remain an MP for much longer. The DUP would be mistaken to think that inflicting a single blow on Allister would see him off.

  • Comrade Stalin


    the judge said he’d seize Paisley’s assets to pay the fine rather than jailing him. It sounds like they have figured out that Paisley wants the publicity of being jailed, so they want to ensure he doesn’t get it.

    Unfortunately for Paisley Jnr, it isn’t the 1960s anymore. He can’t make a political career by getting himself martyred.

  • Different Drummer

    Not Far from The Haunted Opera House

    A father (Parsley Snr) waits in his car for his son (Parsley Snr) after his night out.

    Parsley Snr watches as his leather clad son throws his pecked cap on the back seat and stridently sits.

    Parsley Snr: Have a nice night did you son?

    Parsley Jnr: I’ll give you a quick report Father: staff: helpful most were mediocre. Drinks – none imbibed (no one goes there to drink in any case) Décor suitably irrelevant – though they do have a few health and safety issues that interested me. (he takes out a list) Let see now – yes a few piercings were not being worn correctly for their purpose. Smoke machine, adequate but defiantly in need of an overhaul. Sling gear I was attached to: functioning well, was used like a Belfast skipping rope by staff – felt good but got tired after the fifth rendition of ‘I’ll tell me Ma’ which caused me to lose grip and consciousness and fall flat on my face.

    Parsley Snr: So a good night then?

    Parsley Jnr: Aye (looks about the car) where did you leave my fish supper.

    Parsley Snr: Special occasion son, we have been invited to dine with Lord Woodhead.

    Parsley Jnr: Waa at this time of the morning that’s highly irregular.

    Parsley Snr: Told him we didn’t want to go – but he insisted.

    Parsley Jnr: (resignedly) Yeah …. I supposed we all have to call when were comed -sorry! -comed when we are called …

    My apologies to Mr Parsley

  • Cynic

    “As he decided to defy the rule of law and order is he now unfit for public office?”

    ….if we apply that test two thirds of MLAs will be gone ………

    now why is that strangely appealing?

  • Zoon Political

    I must admit joeCanuck I stopped reading after the first paragraph and only continued after I had posted the comment. All I thought of was a DUP deal being done. And how contempt of court would land the reasonable citizen in a court cell at least – or is that only in Judge Deeds that it happens?
    Comrade Stalin is on the money in my opinion. He lives in the shadow of his father’s folk lore in which he tries to emulate. I always found it sadly amusing at what these politicos said in 1998 and how they act today. What is more sad is that people still vote for them.

  • loki

    I’m beginning to think Ian Og’s having a mid-life crisis or something. Add this piece of lunacy to his run-in with the Speaker over who said what and who agreed with whom and you have nervous breakdown or something.

  • danielmoran

    LOKI…. as someone else has said on this thread. ian [Own Goal] jnr, doesn’t count as a serious candidate for anything. could it be the male menopause though?. either way, it shows his ‘da’
    doesn’t set much store in his abilities. and ip snr. must know him only too well.

  • Zoon Political

    This may be a coincidence but the American urban definition for og, among others:
    “original gangsta a retired gangster who sits on the porch in the ghetto and preaches to the youngsters.”