Left – tactic or principle for Sinn Féin in Europe?

Via politics.ie a blog by Adam Price (Plaid Cymru MP) reveals Sean Oliver, Sinn Féin’s Director of European Affairs, confirmed at the Compass Conference they have received an approach by the European Free Alliance to join their European political group:

‘confirmed that an approach has already been made by EFA and that Sinn Fein are considering their options.’

The EFA is in an arrangement with the Green grouping in Europe as the Greens/EFA. As noted on the politics.ie thread rumours exist that in 2004 SF tried to join this group and were rebuffed and one could speculate that may have been through historical antagonism particularly with the SNP, a situation much changed post-IRA disarmament and their essential disbandment.

This would entail SF leaving the GUE/NGL group that stood shoulder to shoulder with them as they faced very difficult times in Europe over allegations of IRA involvement in the murder of Robert McCartney and the Northern Bank robbery. Joining may also be interpreted as a snub to Batasuna as the constitutional Basque Nationalist Party would become a sister party of sorts.

Now that SF’s most articulate advocate of a left wing position, Eoin O’Broin, is long gone as the party’s Director in Europe maybe a space is opening to review their current arrangements and take a pretty significant step towards the political centre in Europe?

This is all solely based on the recounting of one Welsh elected rep and may come to nothing but is worth watching.

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