DUP MPs hedging their bets?

On Stormont Live today Mark Devenport had the latest whisperings on the DUP ministerial shuffle – it should happen later this week. And some interesting news on the end to the dual mandates of MPs and MLAs – there might be a delay. But not for the reasons Brian suggested. With a General Election in the year ahead they’ll wait to see where their centre of gravity will be.. Btw, that’s an end to dual mandates for the DUP. Sinn Féin are different, apparently.. Adds It’s worth noting that a DUP delay on dual mandates would match the position of the SDLP’s Mark Durkan.

  • pith

    Of course there’ll be a delay. There’s no election this week or next.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    “Sinn Féin are different, apparently.. ”

    Yes, the other parties have been trousering money for PERSONAL gain, SF havent and wisely and rightly ignore this ‘other place’.

    A delicious irony that the former nationalist insurgents that boycott this ‘other place’ on principle have far higher standards and principles than those that attend.

    Funny old game.

  • pith

    What a fantastic piece of satire to see the use of the word “boycott” with all its resonance of the land struggling used here in respect of modern day pretenders fiddling the second home allowance.

  • Sammy, you’ve not mentioned that the SFers are part of the PRM, a body with an organised crime wing. Was that an oversight or does organised crime not materially lower SF standards?

    Alan Sundry, is it significant that none of the ‘DUP 4’ accompanied Sammy Wilson on his walking tour of Bushmills last Friday? I can confirm that Sammy didn’t enter Finn Mac Cools for a quick pint. Unfortunately, the Hunky Dory van had moved on before the Minister began his tour 🙁

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    I put the word PERSONAL in BIG letters so it wouldnt be missed.

    re. “Was that an oversight or does organised crime not materially lower SF standards?”

    Insurgencies cost money – what did you expect them to do? apply for a government grant to flatten the country?

  • Sammy, there might or might not be PERSONAL gain. The ongoing organised crime proceeds go somewhere so it would hardly be a surprise if some of it got trousered.

    I don’t know about government grants but there was a rumour that the PRM got a bank loan.

  • “Sinn Féin are different, apparently”

    There’s a brilliant photo of Cat and Con sitting on their bikes, legs forward and outward and upward, in a gravity defying moment in yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph:


    Back on June 10 there’s an intriguing variation between a DRD press statement in the BT and the one on it’s own website:

    “He said he knew the new enhanced ferry service and additional resources for roads provided so far had been welcomed on the island” .. Bel Tel

    “For my part, I know that the new enhanced ferry service and the additional resources for roads thus far have been welcomed.” .. DRD website

    Has there been an outbreak of unhappiness on the island? The BT item was published in advance of the DRD Day landing.


  • Pigeon Toes

    In the words of Chris de Burger “Don’t pay the ferry man, don’t even fix a price”.

    It seems Coors dept has and the rumours that it was all a big “fix” are gathering pace.. which is more than can be said for the progress of the catamaran which the official documentation from DRD had outlined for completion by March 2009.

    Now where DID they come up with the £1.2 million quoted in April 2007 for the passenger only vessel, ad erm which reliable sources (the boat builders) had put at £1.1-£1.2 million, for the original design of er the “winning” contractors proposed vessel.

    Funny that…

  • Just another example of the telepathy that was available on the BT June 10 news puff except over a much longer timescale.

  • Pigeon Toes


    It would seem that the ferry is under NIAO investigation for the first time, since NIAO handed it over to DRD the last time. Which was odd.

    What was even odder is that they went to the trouble of reporting on allegations made in their end of year report. http://www.niauditoffice.gov.uk/pubs/onereport.asp?arc=False&id=235&dm=0&dy=0

    Will there be an Audit office investigation into the “investiagtion”?

  • Pigeon Toes

    I really should spell check my posts..

  • loki

    Of course the DUP are going to delay. They don’t have anyone halfway decent to replace the Old Guard with. Same with their ministerial reshuffle. A whole lot of them are all quite happy with their snouts in the trough and don’t want to let anyone else get a look in. I suppose you could say it goes back to their “divine right” to rule theory. And we all know what happened the last time someone said he had a divine right don’t we 🙂

  • iluvni

    I wonder where all the DUP MPs were yesterday when the Iraq Statement was being made in the House of Commons by the Prime Minister. As usual, not one of them in their seat, nor awfully busy Lady Hermon.
    Pathetic representation.

  • not voting for her again!

    Is Lady Hermon EVER in the chamber at Westminster? What exactly does she do all day – she is I believe our ONLY single mandate MP yet she seems utterly invisible. I won’t be voting for her again!

  • Danny O’Connor

    No ,Eddie McGrady is a single mandate MP,move to South Down and vote for Him.

  • iluvni

    He wasnt there either!