Election round-up, marks out of ten

So it’s all over, time to pick over the bones (I’ll have a look at the predictions competition tomorrow). So how about a marks out of ten thread for all the candidates based on today’s result.

(mine below the fold – add yours, dispute mine etc.)

Dark horse Jim Nicholson

10 out of 10

Broadly considered in a last place battle and at risk to Maginness but in the end he came through as 2nd elected and increased his share of the vote.

Boy Wonder Steven Agnew

10 out of 10

I suspect most, including the Green party, would have been happy with them doubling their vote and getting 10k. He over trebled the vote from last time and boosted the actual vote – something no other party managed

Jim ‘The Voice’ Allister

10 out of 10

Never a serious threat to win but he confounded almost everyone by polling 66K and forcing the DUP into real difficulties. A credible marker for the future.

Alban ‘close shave’ Maguinness

7 out of 10

Never really in with a shout but he was there to the last and kept what the SDLP had after a long period of decline

Bairbre ‘topper’ de Brún
6 out of 10

While poll-topping is a very good result for the optics it was only possible through Unionist vote spread. She dropped her vote in % and real terms.

Ian ‘Vegetable’ Parsley

5 out of 10

Despite Alliance wanting to compare this election to 1999, I compare it with Gilliland in 2004 and they didn’t manage any real movement other than back.

‘Desperate’ Diana Dodds

3 out of 10

From poll toppers to chasing the last seat in a mere five years. Vote shredded and now facing real competition on two fronts.

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