Wicklow candidates scrapped it out on polling day?

Nothing in the MSM, but Slugger hears there was a pretty heavy ‘contratemps’ outside a Rathnew primary school in Wicklow between John Snell of Sinn Fein and the brother of Fianna Fail’s Jane Dignam… You can see how that particular political scrap resolves itself here… Counting has not yet begun…

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  • Pigeoon Toes

    Perhaps it was an old “family feud” and not worthy of mention by the MSM?

  • Arty Renny

    Well, Snell was elected and Dignam wasn’t.

  • Rory Carr

    Thanks, Arty. That explains it then – the Dignams were miffed.

  • Mick Fealty

    Rory, another great contribution. Einstein: make things simple as possible, but not simpler..

    Looks like poor vote management on the part of Fianna Fail… May have added to the frustration…

  • Greenflag

    Rathnew and fighting go together like a horse and carriage . I recall driving to Gorey with a native of Wicklow town many moons ago . When I suggested that we might stop in Rathnew I was told that not only would our lives be in danger but you could tell the outsiders from the natives by the black eyes they sported . An outsider was considered anyone not from Rathnew going back at least seven generations or since Richard II passed through a few centuries back 😉
    He intimidated that rather than stop and use the convenience of a public house toilet in Rathnew he would prefer to hold his bladder or even moisten his pants in the car . As it was my car I told him that it would have to be the side of the road or the battering he could expect in Rathnew would be something to look forward compared to what he would receive from me ;). As I recall he did request a roadside emergency just outside of Arklow .

    My sympathies to Miss Dignam but they are probably blow ins whereas the Snell crowd no doubt have a distinguished ancestry going back to the time his great great great ancestor deserted from King Richard’s entourage and joined up with Art McMurrough Kavanagh 😉

    ipse hiberniores etc.