Supernatural is, as supernatural does..

According to Will Crawley – “PMS crisis is a satanic attack, says new Moderator”. And here are a couple of related posts on the Presbyterian General Assembly meeting and that illegally operating Presbyterian Mutual Society.

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  • Big Maggie

    Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?

    When things go right, supernaturalists give thanks to God. When things go wrong the Devil’s to blame.

    Anything but take responsibility for your own life and actions.

  • 6countyprod

    For once I seem to agree with Big Maggie.

    Satan gets the credit for a lot of things he has nothing to do with. The Bible says that the ‘love of money is the root of all evil.’ The love of, not money itself.

  • The Goat of Mendes

    My great Aunt had £666 in the PMS.

  • GMcD

    Jesus Saves apparently – though hopefully he hasn’t it all stowed away in the PMS.

  • Driftwood

    Looks like the ‘pastors’ or ‘shepherds’ of the flock seen the light and withdrew their cash pronto, leaving their elderly congergations in the shit. Then preaching about the evils of materialism the following Sabbath to the ‘sheep’.
    Next move, a ‘scratchcard to heaven’ £2 a go and you could be on your way to paradise!
    These people will, literally, believe any nonsense put in front of them. A church cons vulnerable people out of their life savings and then blames it on Satan!!!
    This new ‘moderator’ has little to learn from our DUP politicians. At least Nigel Dodds and ‘good christian’Rev Willie McRea had the decency to lie low when their outrageous expenses scams were revealed in The Telegraph today.
    Anyone care to blog these…?
    submit word here..never

  • Big Maggie

    As every peasant knows, goats must be driven while sheep are led.

  • The wee woman

    Stafford Carson the new moderator is a slow learner.
    No talk or mention of a satanic attack when Sinn Fein were welcomed to the General Assembly a number of years ago!

    No talk of a satanic attack when clergymen in his denomination fail to honour the vows that they took at ordination to preach the Word of God!

    No talk of a satanic attack when clergymen share the pulpits with priests from the church of Rome!

    Mr Carson appears to have little knowledge regarding the prince of darkness ( Satan himself )

    If Mr Carson had been a true and faithful servant of God he most surely would have raised his voice before this time

    The declension in the Presbyterian Church is dreadful
    Women clerics in the pulpits.
    Fraternising with Romanists
    Clergymen attending funeral masses in the Harlot Church!

    = It is truly astounding that Mr Carson is not aware of the enemy of souls that has penetrated the Presbyterian Church in recent times

    Abysmal failure of the church to deal with those responsible for setting up the Presbyterian Mutual Society?
    These persons shoul be sued in a criminal court of law and exposed for their evil deeds.

    Fear / fear / of offending man -Little or no fear of God

    Pious words do not suffice or pay rate bills / university fees / food bills etc.

    Presbyterian clergymen have enjoyed the luxury of free accomodation / free cars / paid telephone bills – In these days of credit crunch we never hear of a PCI cleric losing his livlihood- Nearly as good as the crooked and greedy MPs.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    “Mr Carson appears to have little knowledge regarding the prince of darkness ( Satan himself )”

    The Prince of Darkness?….I thought that was Dracula.

    (Although, I believe he had an account with the P.M.S, as well as Santy and J.C.)