Jim Allister has already won something

Whatever else happens, Allister has won one contest this week: the other (rather more important) we will wait and see. The election campaign is almost over so it is unclear whether this will have any impact but Jim Allister has been rated the UK’s best MEP by the Taxpayers Alliance. Apparently MEPs were rated according to

Number of Parliamentary Questions asked (20%)
Campaigning activity (20%)
Expenses Transparency (20%)
Parliamentary voting record on key transparency, red tape, spending controls and anti-corruption legislation (40%)
Bonus marks were awarded for MEPs who opted out of the excessive second pension scheme and deducted for the 4 MEPs who have been involved in scandals involving financial irregularities.

The highest scoring MEP was Jim Allister with 79%
Jim Nicholson was equal 51st with 24% and Bairbre de Brun was 60th with 18%. There are 78 UK MEPs.

A consolation prize or a good start to his next term? We will wait and see

  • labourNIman

    He maybe a good worker but by god his politics stink!

  • Pancho

    And the most consistent moaner is….

    Wow, 79%. Still a poor number for the UK’s best.

    Maybe current politicians are all bastards.

  • fin

    haha, you have blogged this as a joke Turgon, haven’t you, haven’t you?

    we will award you points if you voted the way we think you should have voted, well done Conservatives and UKIP for voting the right way, tough luck you pesky lefties for voting the wrong way, no points.

    Well done Jim a right wing organisation awards you 1st prize for been er like minded.

    Anyway Turgon, I’ll let you get back to scraping that barrel

  • labourNIman

    It proves that mep’s with no power won’t try very hard

  • Reader

    fin: we will award you points if you voted the way we think you should have voted
    Hmm – let’s see: “Expenses Transparency (20%)
    Parliamentary voting record on key transparency, red tape, spending controls and anti-corruption legislation (40%)”.
    So, what way would you want your MEPs to vote?

  • Reader

    labourNIman: He maybe a good worker but by god his politics stink!
    I’ve seen a lot of posters over the last couple of weeks advising unionists to avoid the tribal headcount mentality, and to vote on European issues instead. Increasingly, there is a risk of some of us doing exactly that!

  • Pancho

    Ha! ^^^ Love it.

    Just realised who actually did this contest. Socialist bastards the taxpayer allowance…

  • LabourNIman

    Reader – yep, and I’m one of them…

  • fin

    sorry Reader, thats not what I posted, I said its a politically motivated ‘award’ ONE ukip MEP voted ONCE the wrong way. There you go.

  • Reader

    fin: sorry Reader, thats not what I posted, I said its a politically motivated ‘award’ ONE ukip MEP voted ONCE the wrong way. There you go.
    Whereas I focused on the scoring scheme. 60% of the points available were for things you probably don’t disapprove of. de Brun got a maximum of 18 from those 60. Allister got a minimum of 39 from those 60. As for the other 40% of the available points, we probably share the same suspicions.

  • Observer

    The guy works hard in Europe and his record will stand scrutiny. If he had any weak spots Mrs Dodds would have pointed them out. A lot of people are talking about giving him a number one on his occasion because of his good record and that should be good news to his camp. The partisans amongst us will put their own spin on what is going to happen on Thursday but I have a sneaking, non-partisan, hunch that he is going to surprise a lot of people. Maybe even himself!! The one big feature of this campaign for me has been the way the partnership of the UUP and CU has not been promoted in a way that would have captured the imagination of the electorate. Don’t know who will shoulder the blame when Jim Nic loses his seat but it will be seen as an opportunity lost for the new force. The defectors might have rolled the dice too early in jumping before the results are in. I am sure that Lady Hermon will have a few ideas on who to blame!

  • fin

    Reader, now read your last post aswell, its a political survey, if I approve or disapprove of them its for political reasons, this is not a survey grading MEPs abilities its grading their politics

  • Outsider

    Hi Observer

    Do you believe Jim Allister can hold his seat? He is really up against it at the moment despite being the best qualified candidate.

    He is expect to poll around 60,000 will be be far short of the quota.

  • Intelligence Insider

    I’m no fan of Jim Allister or his politics but there’s no doubt he is a hard working MEP. Jim Nicholson – 1, Allister – 2 for me. Dodds is just a useless candidate who has neither the integrity or the ability to represent N.I.

  • Outsider

    For me Allister is the best of the 7.

    Allister – Chris
    Dodds – Chico
    Agnew – Vin
    Jim Nicholson – Harry Luck
    De Brun – Bret
    Parsley – Lee
    Maginnis – O’Reilly

  • observer


    Just a hunch that he might poll between 70,000 and 80,000. Thats what I mean when I said he might surprise even himself. The Politics Show factor has been more significant than I thought in turning folk right off Mrs Dodds. I think that the DUP spin team are in denial at the moment. Alister has fought a very good campaign given the small team that he has around him. He might not be writing up the P45’s just yet for his staff!

  • Scooby

    Taxpayers Alliance are nothing more than a right wing lobby group. They think everyone is eurosceptic and therefore award the prize to whoever matches their own opinion.

  • redhugh78

    Personally I thought Dodds done quite well, she has a sense of humour and said she is prepared to work with everyone, though that might not help her cause within her own community.

  • “Jim Allister has been rated the UK’s best MEP by the Taxpayers Alliance.”

    Turgon, Jim is a bit of an unlikely hero in Cape Clear, an island off Baltimore, Co Cork!!

    Jim might fix it! Rathlin and Cape Clear ferries

    The spirit of revolution stirs in Cape Clear. I understand the proprietor of the Rathlin and one of the Cape Clear ferries narrowly avoided getting chucked into the sea on Sunday past after handing Fachtna, one of the skippers, his redundancy letter. There was a wild-cat strike on Monday and the remained of the Naomh Ciaran II crew were locked out.

    I’m told the Guards made an appearance yesterday but no arrests, an online petition has been set up and there was to have been a one day strike tomorrow by the crew.

    Sinead and Jonny Barnes, victims of the Rathlin ferry shenanigans, have leant their support to the crew and residents of Cape Clear.

    I’ve a copy of an email from the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, asserting that the Department has no record of the ‘glowing’ endorsement of the proprietor that was published in section 4.4.3 of the Rathlin ferry investigation report:

    “Regarding your suggestion that this Department recommended Ciarán Ó Drisceoil to DRDNI, I can find no record of such a recommendation on the Department’s files.

    I trust this outlines the Department’s position on the issues you have raised.

    Mise le meas,”

  • ciaran P

    Its a disgrace what is going on down here.
    There are alot of angry and upset people down here.
    Our Island is in tatters.
    Our voices will be heard tomorrow in Baltimore and we won’t give up after that.
    This has gone on way too long.Its time for us to get our Island back to normal.
    2007- Shane + Ted lost their jobs.
    2008- Jonathan Barmes lost his Job.
    2009- Fathna lost his job.
    2010- Don’t let there be another…

  • Ciaran, it’s also a disgrace that the mainstream media is more interested in the tittle tattle of politicians expenses than in the sleaze that’s been exposed on ferry matters, North and South.

    I’d appreciate a copy of the Examiner item yesterday if you could send it as an email attachment to NALIL blog or otherwise.

  • Ginger Whinger

    It’s about time Simon Hamilton had a press release out slagging this rating off!:)

  • I’m glad there’s so much interest in our report – it’s worth noting that it’s wrong to suggest that it would’ve been impossible to do well unless you’re a eurosceptic. Several Lib Dems, for example, are well ahead of many UKIP MEPs including the arch sceptic Nigel Farage.

    The votes we chose are hardly difficult and should be things any British MEP could support:

    e.g. opening up EU parliament voting records to public scrutiny; whether or not to approve the EU accounts that their own auditors refused to sign off for the 14th year in a row; whether to make MEPs’ expenses transparent; whether to ignore the No vote in Ireland, and so on.

    Even issues like whether to increase subsidies for tobacco farmers are ones which you would hope health nannies and free marketeers could agree on!

  • fin

    oh Mark, stop flogging that dead horse or I’ll tell the RSPCA, look at the final list, look at the top 20 and then the bottom 20 and then come back and chat to me.

    One telling question you did have was #20 regarding transparancy on attendance and voting records, gosh there’s a lot of Tories, UKIP and fellow rightwingers opposed to that one.

  • Pancho

    Can Unionists just stick with one party!? All this changing their minds…..

  • Mark, this is a rubbish report even by TPA standards. Your method for judging “campaigning activity” appears to be doing a Google search and seeing how many results come up. On this criteria Britney Spears is the best performing MEP.