Election leaflets review thread

I’ve received election leaflets from everyone but Jim Nicholson. Jim Allister alone sent through two distinct pieces for my consideration.

Time for a thread on the leaflets (I’ll add a view of Nicholson’s once it drops through my letterbox)

Agnew: small and glossy. It tells me it is both recycled and carbon neutral. Big photo of a young man on one side but with a strange wide, white outline. Other side is the policy stuff and there ain’t a lot. Good direction to online presence.

Allister: he sent me two; both medium size and glossy and they are both based on his strap line ‘Experience, Principle, Integrity’. While he has a good go at the DUP and SF in both he also has a strong focus on his European record. Very hard to find direction to online material.

de Brún: small leaflet, matt. Very little detail and it is split between English and Irish. Direction to a website pretty visible.

Dodds: biggest unfolded leaflet, glossy. Big focus on being No.1 and very little consideration of Europe. Direction to online content but doesn’t stand out.

(continues below the fold)

Maginness: once unfolded the biggest leaflet, glossy. Simple message on the cover, the strap line ‘When we win, You win’. Split between ‘normal’ people endorsement and European policy. Many languages on back. Carbon neutral. Good direction to online content.

Parsley: small and glossy. Blue and Yellow. Small text. Little focus on Europe until the back page. No direction to online content.

If I was a swing voter Maginness and Allister would be ahead for me. Parsley’s was by far the worst with de Brún and Agnew following close behind for their lack of any content. What did you think?

Though in all honesty éirígí’s ‘Stop the Difference’ leaflet (pdf) hits my spot more than all of the above.