Political deadlock led to four victims posts

Michelle Williamson the daughter of two of the victims of the Shankill Fish Shop murders has been challenging the appointment of four victims commissioners. Ms Williamson claims there was no legal authority to create four victims commissioners and that Mr Paisley and Mr McGuinness based their decision on religious beliefs or political opinion rather than merit.

Ms Williamson’s barrister Barry Macdonald QC said no records had been kept to explain how Mr Paisley and Mr McGuinness came to their decision.

“The applicant says that what happened was that there had been deadlock because of political considerations and that’s what generated this decision,”

“If this was all done perfectly innocently there would be no grounds for complaint on the part of the applicant.

“It’s partly because the respondents have been so determined to conceal what has happened that the applicant’s concerns are fuelled.”

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