“They certainly got a reaction this time”

The brutal sectarian murder of Kevin McDaid has so far led to eleven arrests (according to RTE tonight), and with eyewitnesses claiming that up to 40 loyalists arrived in the estate in cars and taxis as part of the clearly orchestrated sectarian attack, there will doubtlessly be many more to follow. Whilst condemnation has followed from most quarters, the reaction of local DUP councillor, Adrian McQuillan, on tonight’s BBC Newsline will certainly raise many eyebrows. Here’s Adrian’s response:
Tit for tat all the time. What reason can you see for there being tricolours up yesterday afternoon, a Sunday afternoon? None other than for to get a reaction from the loyalist community, and they certainly got a reaction this time, which is very sad.”

That’s quiet a stretch, even for Adrian. It wouldn’t do for Adrian to examine the deeper issues which have led to brutal sectarian killings of catholics in similarly majority unionist towns in recent years, where intolerance towards any expressions of the Irish nationalist identity have been the norm. Better to leave that elephant alone, eh???

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    LTU and UMH make the same whataboutery over and over again, but the fools keep typing it in differing way, thinking it has more impact.
    the two sad gits
    Its hilarious, but must be so time consuming, and self defeating though.
    I’d rather top meself, be more exciting at least.

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    No Kensei, one can’t. Leastways not if one is: the British government; the Irish government; all other EU governments, the US government; the Catholic church; the Protestant churches; or the overwhelmingly majority throughout the entire Troubles in each of Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. All of them – all of them – said that the Provo campaign was illegitimate and unlawful.

    I wasn’t aware I was any of those groups: I am a randomer musing on hypotheticals. Appeal to popularity doe snot make you right, and as a republican with a small r I am somewhat sceptical of the desirability of Government of whatever stripe having the final say on legitimacy of these things. Many powerful groups would not have liked the French Revolution, or the American, or the events of 1916.

    Second, we are talking about a moral issue here. If you, as an individual, truly believe that your cause is just, it is entirely possible to believe that “all murder is wrong” but your cause is not “murder”. And whatever else, a lot of “Provos” as you put it, genuinely believe that. It just makes for completely tedious threads. We’ve run around this particular hamster wheel umpteen times already. A man is dead: you couldn’t have simply said your piece without reference to your moral superiority?

    The only people who said it wasn’t were the Provos. You can try this ‘on the one hand, on the other’ stuff as much as you like. Indeed, it’s the cloest thus far this thread has come to ‘whataboutery’, but it just doesn’t wash: no one, save the Provos and their supporters thought that Provo murder was anything other than illegimate.

    I don’t think it is strictly true. I think Nationalist Ireland had a somewhat conflicted and somewhat ambiguous and conflicted relationship with the modern Troubles: there id plenty of evidence in that regard, official statements not withstanding. A lot like Unionist Ireland, really. I have more time for people prepared to admit that than those that steadfastly refuse to admit they’ve ever had a sectarian thought in their lives, no sir, and their side are the holiest of the holies.

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    I am curious as to LTU’s thoughts on the origins of the troubles? Did a good portion of the Catholics randomly decide to resurrect the IRA and start killing people? Damn fenians

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    “I am curious as to LTU’s thoughts on the origins of the troubles? Did a good portion of the Catholics randomly decide to resurrect the IRA and start killing people? Damn fenians ”

    Perhaps you could identify a decade in (say) the last 100 years where the ststement “Catholics randomly decide to resurrect the IRA and start killing people” did not apply?