This Nipple is suffering reverse rugby culture shock

Living as I do only a 30 minute train ride out from Edinburgh my insatiable thirst for Rugby is easily satisfied at Scotland’s national stadium. Though my Scottish friends have threatened to ban me attending 6 Nations games if our lads in green keep winning.

However, this weekend for me, a political activist, is just the two weekends before the voting in the Euro elections so I was heading into town for more campaigning. So I trundled down for the 10:25 from Bathgate, normally a pretty quiet service to see a queue of confused looking people at the ticket machine. Not only where they confused but they were also speaking in lilting Irish tones. For of course to day is the Heineken Cup final at Murrayfield (which I am just passing as I type this) and a small hoarde of the Leinster fans seemed to have booked up the hotels out near me. So we had some good craic on the train in to town, which looks and sounds like a cross between Dublin and the East Midlands.

However, my English-born, rugby coaching uncle has in his time been part of the coaching set up for Leicester. Does this give me split loyalties? Hardly! I have been made an adopted son of Leicester the day so all the best to Leinster (whose blue top with Bank of Ireland sponsorship bears a striking resemblance to the Scottish jersey).

Sadly I’ll not be able to provide updates from the ground itself, your correspondent from near but not at the Heineken Cup Final.

BTW The spell checker is also a confused spectator today. It doesn’t recognise Leinster but offers up as its top alternative Leicester.

A long time a Lib Dem activist, blogger and candidate in Scotland and before returning and continuing to be so in Northern Ireland since August 2010.