Cameron promises to elevate Salmond to his equal

I can’t actually believe I read this one:

    DAVID CAMERON last night challenged Alex Salmond to agree to an annual grilling by MPs under a Conservative government. The First Minister would be asked to appear at least once a year before a cross-party Westminster committee to discuss policy and spending decisions affecting Scotland.

    In addressing his Scottish conference in Perth on Friday, Cameron went further: “If the Scottish Parliament so wishes, I will come to Holyrood once a year and answer questions from MSPs on any subject, from Scotland to the wider world.

Cameron is essentially promising to place himself, as PM of the UK, on the same level as Alex Salmond, FM of Scotland. And presumably the logic then follows through to the other devolved Assemblies. All while other measures seem to substantially increase the prestige and oversight powers of the Scottish Parliament. Personally as a fan of national sovereignty I think it is a great idea, and can’t think of many better things to get people used to the idea of an independent Scotland with equal relations to England. But from a supposedly pro-Union party it seems like ill thought out madness of the highest order.

Hat Tip Oneill