“So who will ultimately own the building?”

Some MPs are apparently eager to repay their excessive expenses claims despite the fact that those claims were within the rules. As Nick Robinson notes, Ann Widddecombe has coined it the “my shirt is hairier than yours” competition. Well, politics does cost money.. Meanwhile in the Belfast Telegraph David Gordon has some “stupid” questions about the DUP’s property asset in Ballymena – being paid for from public funds. From David Gordon’s report

Here’s a nagging question over the rental sums being claimed for the DUP constituency office in Ballymena: should the mortgage on this substantial property be paid at public expense? And here’s another one: should the taxpayer be paying it off through rental expenses “significantly” above market rates? And, for that matter, who will be the ultimate beneficiary from this outlay?

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  • A 3xA4 glossy fold-out has just arrived in my post-box: “40 years at your service”. Papa Doc looks to be in robust health.

    “This brochure has been funded by the House of Commons communications allowance”

    “In the past year £100,000 was paid out to constituents after they brought welfare, benefit and other claims to my constituency centre. This is a free service given to any and all constituents in need”

    Well, perhaps not quite free.

    He can be contacted at that expensive suite of offices in Ballymena.

  • Brian Walker

    We await the Torygraph on the DUP and SDLP – assuming there are revelations. One complicating factor I hope the amazing Dave can untangle is how charges are divided between Westminster and Stormont. The overall, aggregate analysis for every NI MP would be lovely and ought to win him a Pulitzer.

  • And here’s another ‘nagging question’ that I’ve posted on Slugger on a number of occasions during the past year or so: “Has any action been taken against any of the Sarcon (No 250) Limited directors for the failure to notify a change of directorship within 14 days?”

    CHANGES IN THE MEMBERS OF THE LLP Appointments, resignations and changes in particulars (e.g. home addresses of the members and designated members) must be notified to the Registrar on the relevant form LLP 288 within 14 days of the event.

    Special duties [of Company Secretary]

    As the secretary is an officer of the company under section 744 of the Act, they may be criminally liable for defaults committed by the company. For example failure to file – in the time allowed – any change in the details of the company’s directors and secretary, and the company’s annual return.

  • Pete Baker


    “One complicating factor I hope the amazing Dave can untangle is how charges are divided between Westminster and Stormont.”


    There is also another report by Tom Frawley in the offing – on the Ballymena office and Ian Paisley Snr..

  • “charges are divided between Westminster and Stormont”

    and, in some instances, councils?

    I’m intrigued by the apparent lack of interest in the breach of rules ie the Companies Act. Is it too difficult to ‘sex-up’ such a story?