Gerry Adams on the PPS

According to the Sinn Fein web site Gerry Adams last night addressed one of Sinn Fein’s “Townhall meetings” in Craigavon. The target of his comments seems to have been the Public Prosecution Service.

“And there remain serious matters to be tackled in aspects of the justice system, not least of which is the role of the PPS.
The Unionist and British establishment always understood the key importance of controlling the law and justice and policing.
The Unionist state included a legal and judicial system that reflected its tradition and interests.”

He went on to attack the failure to bring prosecutions in a number of high profile cases

 “This despite the huge amount of evidence available concerning the existence of collusion; for example in the Pat Finucane Case, or uncovered by the Police Ombudsman’s office in its investigation into the murder of Raymond McCord jr and the activities of Mark Haddock; or the Oireachtas Committee report; the Barron Inquiry in the Dublin/Monaghan bombings; the Glenanne report into Collusion in South Armagh and the Mid Ulster ‘murder triangle’ and the reports by Stalker and Stevens and much more.
The law did not require the DPP to give reasons for their failure to prosecute in any of these cases.”

Interestingly he seems to have left out quite a number of other high profile cases where the have been no prosecutions such as the murder of Frank Hegarty or Eric Lutton or indeed the Claudy bombing.

Although Adams was of course speaking to the faithful and it is election time, it would be wise for unionists to ask whether or not such comments from the leader of Sinn Fein increase community confidence in the possibility of the devolution of policing and justice.

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