Citybeat Slugger slot on Europe

Tonight (in fifteen minutes) we are mostly talking about Europe… It’s pretty obvious that by comparison with their European counterparts, Europe is about the last thing on any local politicians minds… Though all parties love having their photos taken, whether it is the DUP at a May day fair in Carrickfergus, or Bairbre de Brun having her photo taken at the National Ploughing Championships, sheep, cows and pigs are the photo op of the day for our MEPs and prospective MEPs…

Except for the Greens who are keen on highlighting their association with some of the Green engineering projects currently ‘floating out’ of the Harland and Wolff Yard these days. The big question though is who will come top of the big pile. No one has ever even considered the possibility that it would be anyone other than the DUP since Ian Paisley sailed to the top of the poll in 1979 with 150,000 and nearly 30% of the first preference vote… A figure worth bearing in mind when the votes are counted in June…

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  • David

    One f is missing.

  • And an ‘r’ (in ‘Bairbre’)