Follow your candidates on the web…

KEITH Anderson has a rather handy guide to how the European candidates are making their presence known on the internet, with links to their blogs, Twitterings, Facebook pages and Flickr accounts. (Just noticed I’m being ‘followed’ by Bairbre de Brun. *glances over shoulder*)

  • Silverline

    If Lady Hermon is deliberately withholding declaring her position, then the UUP ought to provide her with an ultimatum to do so within the next week or so. The terms of the ultimatum should be that if she fails to state her position before it expires, she forfeits her right to be selected as the candidate for North Down.

  • For anyone intersted in what Northern politicians generally are doing online, Mark Durkan has just revamped his MP website. Slugger fans will know that these Parliamentary Communications Allowance sites reflect MP functions in the constituency and Westminster, etc, rather than Stormont or party stuff. Thems the rules. Any views welcome on how it might be added to or improved. Mark is also on Facebook – where friends can get additional updates. Pól Callaghan, SDLP Derry

  • alan56

    Are the city airport cashing in on security fears..thats what I would like to know. (£1 extra levy if you get a cab at bthe door) Otherwise its a walk from the short stay where a car gets 10mins free.If you stay 15 mins then ist £2. Rip off me thinks…

  • Alan

    Is that a quid on top of what they already charge? It’s already at a premium at 12 – 13 quid from the Airport to Stranmillis.

    As for picking up, you already get people parking in the lay-byes along the By-pass ( just like at the International). Mind you, at Birmingham you pay a quid just to drop off.

    As you can tell, I’m using an American keyboard.

  • alan56

    Good point about cars queing on the dual carriageway. This will cause traffic snarl up or indeed a serious accident. Also City Airport have car parking monopoly unlike International.