The New Green Deal?

From the Politics Show today, a short report by BBC NI’s Gareth Gordon on the political fortunes of the Green Party in Northern Ireland as they welcomed Irish Government Minister, and Green Party TD, John Gormley to their annual conference in Belfast.

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  • Silverline

    Is this the same Brian Wilson who voted to build on the Green Belt and also voted to cut trees Down in North Down, yes very green not?

  • the joxer

    Brian’s marriage of convenience with the Greens was either cynically expedient or astute political savvy, depending on your point of view.

    I know Brian personally and he has always been a committed and industrious worker for people,long before it became fashionable to do so.

  • 6countyprod

    Interesting comedy show.

  • Rory Carr

    I have been trying for yonks now to get a response from the Green Party which declares their level of support for the promotion of organic tobacco, home-grown ganja and traditional potín and have so far been unable to elicit a response. Given not only the benefits to health of these products but also the clear economic and social benefits one might have expected something better from a party that pretends to concern itself with such issues. It is no wonder that me Rasta brethren in Tottenham won’t support them.

    “Have nuthin’ to do wit’ dem. Dey is hall batty boys anyhow”, they say, though I am not quite sure what all of that might mean.

  • Rory, if you’re indulging in traditional poitín that might explain why you are having difficulty seeing the screen [potin] 🙂

  • observe

    Their candidate for the EU elections looks promising. Its unfortunate that the BBC focused on all the nutcases rather than on the EU candidate.

  • Hogan

    As somebody who would welcome the rise of sensible green politiics into Ireland i have to say i didn’t get the impression the beeb concentrated on the nutters at all.

    The fact that you would have somebody dress up in plastic bags to a party conference indicated that these tree huggers were not mature enough for the mainstream yet. But in fairness that may have been the effect they desired?

  • Rory Carr

    Right, Nevin. That’s the trouble with the cratur, it plays havoc with the “i”‘s.

  • observe

    The bag lady woman actually spoke quite eloquently. If she ditched the plastic bags and actually put herself forward in a well dressed way she could become a good asset of the greens.

  • you people

    ok we got a FM whos wife thinks u can cure gay and a DFM who thinks it was ok to try and change the political status with bombs & bullets. and a lady that goes into schools to encourage children to use less plastic (a real issue) gets labeled a loony tree hugger.