Implementing proposals on parades “a work in progress”

I’m not sure there’s been anything published beyond the April 2008 interim report of the Strategic Review of Parading in Northern Ireland even though the Review’s website notes that consultation on that report was due to end on 31 August 2008 – and the NIO listed, in the 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review 2008-2011 annex [pdf file], “To implement the agreed recommendations of the Strategic Review of Parading by end 2008” as a key performance indicator and a priority action. Michael did note a reference to a meeting in October between OFMDFM and the chairman of that review, Paddy Ashdown. BBC NI political editor Mark Devenport reckons there’s a story in the delay. Btw, I think he’s right.

I think there’s a story in the delay in the adoption of the proposal made by Lord Ashdown’s team for replacing the Parades Commission. My Sinn Fein sources tell me it remains “a work in progress”, but others suggest republicans have been linking it to either the completion of the devolution of justice or the affirmation of a “right to protest” against parades in a future Bill of Rights.