The return of the Tory bogeymonster?

Former Tory donor, Stuart Wheeler, who was expelled from the Conservative Party for donating money to the UK Independence Party has said more than 80 percent of Tory MP’s ‘feel let down over Europe’. His ‘defection’ to the UKIP came as Pro-European Ken Clarke returned to the frontbench as Shadow Business Secretary. It seems that in the run up to the European election in June this issue may become more prominant, an issue that may continue to divide the Conservatives.

Lately in the run up to the European election I have been wondering where are political parties stand on the whole issue of Europe. Particularly with the whole debate of the European Constitution in the current European electoral term. Is it a case of parties ‘brushing’ the issue under the carpet?

The issue of Europe will never go away and will only grow and grow, particularly when we see the constitutional proposals put in place in the new European parliamentary term.

As a strong Euro-sceptic – what exactly is Europe offering us? What was wrong with the European Economic Communities? Old issue I know, but surely its still very relevant?

Long time political hack