“Since 2000, Visteon has been an independent company..”

The former Visteon UK Ltd workers in west Belfast are still protesting and, as their union rejects a new offer from the US-based Visteon Corporation following talks in London, the BBC report notes an unwelcome development for those concerned.

Meanwhile, some workers have staged protests outside the homes of Visteon managers in Lisburn and Downpatrick. Pickets were held on Monday and again on Wednesday. Stressing the protests were peaceful, one worker who took part in one of them, denied the action had become too personal. “It’s personal for me that after 30 years I’ve walked out of the plant with no pension,” he said. “All I want’s a job back in Belfast.”

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  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    I have a considerable sympathy with skilled apprentice trained long term employees’ companies going out of business due to the sheer greed of bankers, politicians, lawyers,accountants et al. If we as a nation returned to altruistic employers who were true Engineers in the true sense then we would not be in the unwholly mess we find ourselves in.These now regretfully jobless employees, egged on by what appears to be economically and commercially illiterate people, who in my opinion are using these people as pawns to their perceived political advantage. They failed to inform people that buying Far Eastern sweat shop made mass prouced goods would put them out of work. No Brown kept the retail pricew index down employing more and more of the nationals and an unparralelled number of immigrants in a South Sea Bubble type economy whilst destroying the economic fabric of this country. The real truth is that a lot of multinationals are broke and the poor unfortunates employed in the private sector have no jobs in this over regulated economic potage New Labour and their fellow travellers have created.
    Whilst the political family gravy trains proper on an orgy of totally unjustified polical exspenses and benefits including pensions to die for.Double and triple jobbing locally being the most glaring examples of abuse of the nation’s taxpayers.
    There is a way out we will have to regenerate our SME’s especially in manufacturing,design, tourism etc. and build an economy that does not rely on public service employment. We can do this we have before, but it will be a very long hard slug nowadays peoples’ expectations are very high but for workers to behave like unruly Gallics terrorising their fellow employees is not the way forward.