Ireland successfully qualify for Cricket World Cup 2011

It’s been another unpredictable day in South Africa in the Super Eights of the CWC 2001 qualifiers. Shock results have been the norm since the end of the first round – thankfully Ireland were not involved in an upset today and qualified for their 2nd Cricket World Cup Finals after beating The Netherlands in Pretoria. Will Porterfield won the toss and invited the Dutch to have a bat. Rankin and Connell made early inroads with the new ball and despite some dogged resistance from the middle order, tight bowling backed up by good work in the field again restricted Holland to 222 off their allocation. A solid opening stand of 60 gave Ireland a good platform on which to chase down the total and after the dismissal of Wilson, Morgan and Porterfield put on 117 for the 2nd wicket to see Ireland into the comfort zone. It was fitting that the younger O’Brien, Keith Kevin, should hit the winning boundary after a great tournament with the bat.

Ireland sit proudly at the top of the Super Eight table guaranteed World Cup Cricket again, a place in the final of this tournament (Ireland have never won a one-day tournament overseas) and ODI cricket with the financial rewards that that brings for at least the next 4 years. Ireland’s final round robin game is against Kenya on Friday followed by the final (probably against the Canadians) on Sunday.

Match Summary Netherlands 222 (50 ov) Kervezee 77; Cusack 3-26, Rankin 3-48 Ireland 226-4 (44.3 ov) Porterfield 78, Morgan 76 Ireland win by 6 wicketsIreland go back to the top of the table after Canada were comprehensively defeated by the UAE by five wickets – the UAE will gain ODI status if they beat the Scots on Friday and might just squeak a place at the World Cup yet. Scotland are having a miserable tournament: they got turned over by the boys from Kabul and are staring into the abyss of loss of ODI status – only a win on Friday will do. Afghanistan’s fairy tale has at least one more chapter in the telling after defeating the Saltires, if they beat the Namibians in their last game they will be playing ODI cricket. Likewise for Namibia who humiliated Kenya by 201 runs in Johannesburg – Kenya are probably safe.

So, all to play for on Friday – ICC money and the prospect of games against Australia, India, England et al… or back to the hot, dusty places with very long names and playing Jersey and China. The World Cup places are almost secondary to the financial crippling that may occur with the loss of ODI status in these harsh economic climes. As it is, the final places in the subcontinent (I wouldn’t like to say exactly where) in 2 years time may well be decided by net run-rate (don’t ask).

  • seamus

    Whos gives a f*ck???

  • “Whos gives a f*ck???

    Posted by seamus on Apr 16, 2009 @ 01:22 AM”

    Some people do, Seamus, so run along now and play on your swing.

    Thanks for the updates, Dave. Great to see an Irish team do well no matter what the sport.

  • fin

    if only Joyce was still with Ireland (instead of playing badly in the middleeast) and I won’t be surprised if Morgan gets a runout for England he had another excellent innings yesterday.

    Which is downright wrong, this competition came about to get non test playing countries on the path to full membership not to be a shop window to find new players for England&Wales;
    Its good to see all Ireland teams been successful, be it Cricket, Rugby or the A1 GP competition

  • Chris Donnelly


    I second Exile1’s comments. I’ve been following Dave’s threads closely- thanks, Dave, and keep ’em up!

    I take it there isn’t a ruling in international cricket forbidding players who have already represented one country from playing for another one then?

  • guillaume

    A waste of good grass, in my opinion.
    I think a better use of mother Earth’s resources would be to contruct a swing.

  • fin

    Chris, afraid not, once they’ve plied their trade in that country for seven years they can play for the national side (after getting Ireland to the last world cup Joyce was then opening batsman for England&Wales;, to add insult to injury, Morgan was then recalled to Middlesex to cover for his absense AAAaaargghhh) on the plus side four years after his last game for England he could revert to Ireland again and given his form has been bad of late its a possibility.
    Problem is you can’t blame him or Morgan, the Counties are always reluctant to release players of ‘lesser’ countries, compared to football they don’t get rich quick and can’t bite the hand that feeds them.
    Personally I think cricket is a fantastic game and the people who knock it on this site I guess have never bothered to try to understand it. Which is a shame as Ireland have progressed more in this sport than any other in recent years

  • guillaume

    Any sport that should be played outside but cannot be played in the rain is not worth trying to understand.
    It could make a decent board game though.
    You could keep the tactics and loose the “pretend to be a sport” side of the game.

  • fin

    Guillaume, disagree totally, its a team sport, an individual sport, its very complex mentally and physically, players earn normal wages. I go to twenty20 games when Kent play Beckenham (normally against London Irish (Middlesex)) its reasonally priced 3 hours of entertainment, full of kids and families having picnics, lots of beer tents and players sign autographs till they get cramp.

    If you know of a more compelling sport played by normal people which engage the local community as much, let me know.

  • guillaume


    I’ve had a look on Wiki and can’t find any stats on how many metres a player moves on average during those 3 hours or how many balls and out field player catches.Maybe you can direct me to a relevent site?
    I really don’t believe that it is “physically complex”.
    As for the Mental side of the game.Like I said,it would make a good boardgame.
    It seems from what you’re saying it is the watching of the game that is enjoyable and not the playing of the game.I don’t need a game to find lots of kids,families,picnics,beers,or tents. or autographs (thats just rediculous by the way ).
    “If you know of a more compelling sport played by normal people which engage the local community as much, let me know.”
    They are the local community.

  • fin

    Guillaume, so you wouldn’t find spending several hours at the crease having a rock solid ball thrown at you at 100 mph physically taxing, or as a bowler trying to unpick a batsman, thats the individual and physical element.

    I’m concerned you find premiership players and their behaviour normal, roastings, arrogance, silly wages and total detachment from the real world is more my interpetation. Sad to think you feel 90 minutes of a thug like Rooney screaming obsenities at a ref is a community sport, however with the latest figures for how many refs leave the game because of the abuse they receive at a ‘community’ level I guess you and I just have different ideas of what a community is about.

    And go find your own sites to learn about Cricket, I hate this giveme culture thats everywhere these days

  • guillaume

    ah!the premiership!
    Thats the entertainment industry.I’m talking about local clubs where girls and boys can play team sports ( the ones where it is 11 against eleven,fifteen against fifteen and not 11 against one 11 times).And with the latest figures.;..;( cop out)
    I suppose you naturally thought I was refering to the premiership when I said soccer because you beleive cricket to be the Gentleman’s game.well, good luck to you.
    “so you wouldn’t find spending several hours at the crease having a rock solid ball thrown at you at 100 mph physically taxing, or as a bowler trying to unpick a batsman, thats the individual and physical element.”
    So one player stays there for hours.And there are 11 players that have a go.So the games must go on for about 30 hours.That sounds testing alright!All that standing around waiting for one’s turn.

    I guess you’ve never played hurling.Take your cricket and put it in a washing machine.

  • fin

    when I mentioned the high number of refs leaving the game because of abuse I meant specifically the local clubs, 7000 per year according to the FA

    Gentlemans game, good grief no, try looking up sledging to understand, however it is like Rugby where respect is generally shown to refs.

    And yes in a full test around 30 hours, in limited overs of course the period is shorter but obviously more intense, its not quite 11 players having a go as different skills are in play, opening batsmen, nightwatchmen, top of batting order down to tailenders (who will be your bowlers) not to mention allrounders which are expected these days as are wicketkeepers who can bat well have different abilities.

    And Yes, I played hurling for several years and captained teams at club level playing junior and senior and winning (from memory) at least one competition. Probably my love of hurling and understanding the skill required to play the game is the reason I enjoy cricket.

    I’m surprised you mentioned hurling of all sports for physical prowess, my hero been Christy Ring was playing for Cork well into his forties, and he was quite tubby at the time, and didn’t run all that fast either.

    I regretted not finishing my previous post with an each to his own comment, however, you seem to be unaware of the issues around community level soccer and the skills involved in hurling, so I’ll just say its propably best if we end the conversation here,

  • guillaume

    Each to his own indeed.

    Every sport has it’s particularities, and cricket has flourished in many countries.There is obviously a beautiful side to it , as the sheer mass of phrases unique to the sport testify.
    I simply do not find the tactical side to be backed by the continous involvement that one finds in the “running sports” and see it so as less compelling to any community.It is maybe those who are more moved by detail that enjoy it’s precision orientated nature, but I personally don’t believe that most children are so orientated, and don’t think they should be.I don’t think we can under-estimate the value of letting children run wild.

    As for the figures from the english FA, well any sport played by such masses is bound to suffer from society’s ills but I do agree that the essence of the game has something to do with those figures. We return to the orginal differences:Cricket is a game to be watched, whilst football,soccer,rugby, and hurling are games to be played.

  • I dont think “Jimmy” is the head of the Barmy Army.

    Barmy Army originates from about 20 years ago from just a group of supporters who adopted the nickname. They organised and run through a limited company which is also a registered charity. The Company organises a fan club and special offers for tickets, accommodation and tours etc for their members. I dont know who the directors are. The run aslo have website and you read a bit more detail in it about the history.

    The “Jimmy” that you refer to is a guy who became recognisable on cricket tours wearing his patriotic colours and his distinctive hat. He has become the adopted figurehead or unofficial leader of the Barmy Army. His real name is Vick Flowers. He was given the nickname “Jimmy” because of his resemblence to the late Jimmy Saville (remember ‘top of the pops’ and ‘Jim ‘ll fix it’).

  • Readers,

    The bloggers on Slugger have so far neglected the cricket 50 overs World cup, which has now started.

    More information about it here

  • lamhdearg

    i dont like cricket i love it, i think i posted that line before but anyway, is any of this on tv, and i dont mean the anti christ tv (sky).

  • Mark

    When a dark voice beside me said ” would you like something harder ? she said i got it you want , my harvest is the best …

    It sounds like you’d enjoy a dreadlock holiday yourself Lamhdearg my oul flower .

    Re the Barmy Army – they’re great craic and really lend a carnival atmosphere to what is not only a great day out but a great sport aswell .

    Endland seem to be flourishing these days and not before time . The fact that Andy Flower doesn’t seem to do politics has had a positive effect on the players and one or two egos in the dressing room ( KP on your feet ) .

    For too long the players have had the golden generation ( beffy , D. Gower , Bob and co ) to contend with , but Andy Flowers seems to be his own man ( and a fine cricketer ) .

    The fact that Australian selectors suddenly got a bout of misguided loyalty during the ashes and refused to drop Clarkie and replace Ricky should not take away the fact that England trounced them in their own back yard . It will be a long time before they’re considered the best in the world again .

    That tag will be decided when the Indians come to town because SA win over Australia should not mean they are no.1 It was an afull Aussie side .

    A strong middle order is essential to beating India . Cooke’s re -emergence as a world class batsman along with Bell and Trott’s continued good form will give England the edge in what is the a playoff for the de facto title of World No.1 .

    Why Cooke hasn’t been called into the squad for the World Cup is a bit of a mystery to me but one can’t really agrue with anything Mr Flower does at the moment .

  • oracle

    Don’t begrudge the individuals their 15 minutes of fame but cricket is not a sport it’s a pastime nomally played by slow potbellied middle aged men who have lost the will to live

  • Mark

    The problem for you oracle is that you need all your brain to be working in order to understand the intricate rules of Cricket.

    Judging by your rugby analysis , I’m pretty confident that’s not the case .

    Us six packed middle age men find it fasinating .

  • oracle


    Dead on… the complex rules? What complex rules?

    One pot-bellied unfit very effeminate guy with a bat stands 60ft away from another very effeminate guy with a red ball and a Vaselined nose.
    Now because these chappies are of the super effeminate variety the ones with the bats only go out in two’s to the pitch to give each other moral support and a few sneaky cuddles when one of them manages to hit the wee red ball quite hard and makes the oldest and fattest participant in this pastime do the YMCA dance by village people, you can’t miss this guy because he’s normally got lots of jerseys wrapped round his waist like a 8 year old kid and a funny on his head.

    Now the effeminate one with the Vaselined nose and wee red ball will spend ages and ages rubbing the wee red ball in his groin and surrounding region in an effort to transfer his DNA on to the wee red ball to throw to the fat effeminate guy with the bat 60ft away in some sort of un-outted courtship thingy.
    Now the one with the ball is very wimpish so normally he brings about 10 of his unfit friends with him to watch his courtship routine they all get so excited when the fat man with the bat hits the ball softly cos then they can all get a feel and a lick of the wee red ball with their chums DNA on it and it makes them very happy.

    Sometimes when the one with the Vaseline throws the ball close to the leg of the bat he gets all excited and does a little twirl generally with a raised finger at the fat one with a jersey who may or may not send the one with the bat to get a shower to cool the sexual arousal of all.

    Now did I miss anything

  • joeCanuck

    I was amazed to see that Canada was playing. Just before the TV mentioned Canada’s game I had said to my wife that Canada seems to have been the only former colony that hadn’t taken to cricket.
    Having said that, I have never seen any one playing it here. I suspect most of our players are immigrants of one generation or the other from the subcontinent or west Indies.

  • Mark

    I think you may have been watching the cricket on the Men and Motors channel oracle .

  • Mark,

    Re Andy Flower. He is certainly is worth all of the praise he deserves and more. However, not far behind him is Andrew Strauss. There is no other sport where the tactical decisions of the Captain are so important. These days, though, the Captain has to do a huge amount of off field work in order to arm himself for the on-field test decisions. Also, unlike many other sports, the Captain plays a key role in team selection.

    The England 5-day test team are a team to cherish at the moment. They are on a climb and could be the World’s No. 1 team in about a year’s time. Starting in July this year, there is a test series against India (the current No. 1 team.) It will be a cracking series.

    The Aussies are about to enter a re-building period. Yes, Ponting was long past his best. Clarke has had an appalling dip in form but there is nobody on the scene to replace theses guys. It will be a few years before you see a great Australian 5-day test team. Meanwhile, the last ashes series, completed last month, was a rare pleasure. Beating Australia at any sport is a double pleasure because of the way they react when they lose!

    Cooke not in the squad.

    Cooke was not designated for the ODI squad. That was a decision made by him and the selectors before the Australia tour began. It needs to be remembered that the 50 overs match is a very different game to the 5 day tests. Cooke is a brilliant defensive No. 1 test bat. He would not be as effective as a ODI bat.

    Australia, despite losing their No. 1 mantle in the 5 day series are still No. 1 in the one day game and they outclassed England in the recent ODI series winning 6-1. Having said that, the England one day team is work in progress and getting better. With Stuart Broad back in the team, they are now much sharper. I fancy England to at least reach the World cup semi-final. Another example of of the difference between the two types of game is that you can be a class batsman or bowler at ODI and not necessarily be good enough to get in the test team. An example is Dubliner, Eoin Morgan. He is a star ODI batsman. He, unfortunately, will miss the World Cup because of injury. Having said that, he is on the fringe of being in the regular test side. With Collingwood now retired from the 5 day gaim, I expect Morgan to seize his opportunity.

    For further insight about the differences between ODI and 5 day test, see the world player rankings and compare the players in the different disciplines

  • Mark

    Sorry Seymour , India are No. 1 , your right . I didn’t realise the decision the omit Cooke was taken back then . IMO the way he was played in the Ashes and the fact that in the World Cup format , a player who can hold his bat for 40/45 overs on a consistent level would be a marvellous advantage to have …just a thought .

    I’m a huge Andy Flower fan .. The Ferguson of Cricket if you will ( which I’m sure you won’t ) . His handling of KP and his man-management in general is classic Sir Alex . I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the comparison ( Mr Flower that is ) . Funny how the foreign manager plan seems to work for the old farts in Lords and not the old farts in the FA . Now that all the old farts are gone from Engliash rugby as your man Carling would say with a twinkle in his eye.

    There’s more than meets the eye to Andrew Strauss . Who’d have thought he would have stepped up to the plate the way he has after seeming so shy in the dressing room in the early days of Michael’s reign . ( the other Michael being a massive ManU fan .)

    Judging by how their Customs people react to little old Asians bring 1000 yr old dried fruit into their great outback and their not so funny attempts at sledging , I’m inclined to agree with you . Freddy was good at sledging which is in fact , another great aspect of the game .. Mark Boucher is another good sledger as are the army … why, why ,why Jesse Ryder whaw whaw whaw whaw , whaw whaw whaaa ..

    Seymour , Who do think should captain the one day side ? Should Mr Collingwood even be there , only asking … Is there is big difference between 20 and 50 apart from 30 that is ..

  • Mark

    So Ricky Ponting thinks he’s Ozzy Osbourne and starts to smash up TV sets …

    Message to his team mates – hide your play stations , its gonna be rough forthnight …

    Does Mike Husseys contract with Sudo cream means he has to cover his whole face …

    Warnie never wore any …. there are alot things Warnie has never worn ….

    From Hugh Grant to Shane Warne ….

    Is Michael Slater still allowed in the players wife’s green room ..

    Hadden is an ok sledger , not as good as Gilchrist but then Adam had issues and material to work with…