“a single company law regime applying to the whole of the United Kingdom”

More of an aside than anything else but, whilst digging around in the background for this previous post, I came across this interesting nugget of information.

When the Companies Act 2006 is fully commenced in October 2009 it will provide for a single company law regime applying to the whole of the United Kingdom. Companies will be UK companies rather than GB or Northern Ireland companies, and the same legislation will apply to all.

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  • ArchiePurple

    And a good thing to Pete….further integration into the UK system…….for years, we allowed our Governments to have different road signs from GB., banks to print their own notes instead of insisting they use Bank of England notes and a multitude of other differences that should not have been allowed.

    We are United Kingdom residents and no our companies will abide by the same laws as their counterparts in Great Britain.

  • joeCanuck

    I’m glad you feel that way. I agree that the laws should be the same. We could start with ensuring that women have the exact same access to necessary medical procedures.

  • The Raven

    Well done Joe. You beat me to it.

    And just by chance the submit word below was “united”.

  • ArchiePurple

    JoeCanuck and the Raven…..I don’t disagree about what you obviously mean to be abortion. I am not pro-abortion but I am pro-choice. Why should anyone, particulary a RC priest who will never marry [and with some exceptions] never have children, tell a woman, married or unmarried what she should do with her body.

    As someone said about the Pope in relation to abortion laws, ‘He no playa de game, he no maka de rules’.

    Or as Bill Clinton once said when asked by a female reporter, ‘What about the Abortion Bill’. His reply was, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll have my staff send a cheque in the morning’.

  • joeCanuck


    It’s worse than that of course. The gentlemen (for want of a better word) that you refer to also condemn one of the things that would prevent many abortions, contraception.

  • bollix

    this is a change of form, not substance. NI company law was generally 99.9% the same as GB company law, its just that we got it about 1/2 years after the GB legislation was enacted. (for example, Companies Act 1985, Companies (Northern IReland) Order 1986.
    With the Companies Act 2006, we just avoid the process of rewriting exactly the same thing in a Companies Act (Northern Ireland) 2007. Its a very sensible, resource saving move.