Northern Ireland to miss out on another 2012 Olympics opportunity?

Not satisfied with ensuring that Northern Ireland doesn’t have a stadium in place to host football matches or any other sporting discipline during the 2012 Olympics, it seems Belfast is now also out of the running as a potential venue for training camps ahead of the world’s largest sporting event after the city’s bid arrived too late to be considered.

It seems funding bids for a cycling velodrome and an upgrade to an already existing athletics track were refused after arriving at the funding bodies three minutes after a deadline. Naturally, legal action is being taken, with one of the grounds being a claim that the application wasn’t late at all. What will Dame Mary Peters, the Queen’s representative in Belfast and Lord Lieutenant of the County Borough of the city, think when she hears the news.

“We’re trying very hard to get teams to come here to do their pre-Olympic training, their final splash as it were. And I hope that will inspire a lot of youngsters to see people coming, but you know every city in the UK is trying to entice teams so I’m going to have to play a very big role in trying to get them here.”

Maybe not as big a role as you thought, Mary.

  • Fair Deal

    City Council are well known for being strict enforcers of deadlines to the very minute so they can’t complain about the Sports Council doing the same. The actions or inactions of the consultants are a different matter.

  • Blinding

    Sure some of the Olympic organisers think Northern Ireland is abroad

  • Rapunsel

    The deadlines exist for a reason. Either BCC missed the deadline or they didn’t. If they missed it depends on who was responsible for submitting the bid. If they didn’t and time was recorded incorrectly, well someone at Sports Ni responsible. V likely that Sports NI used a date and time stamp for receipt of bids such as this. If that is the case then the Council are fucked. Can’t admit their application because the other councils will cry foul play . Looks like Down have a strong bid for outskirts of Downpatrick despite indoor cycling being such a minority sport that any such facility is likely to be woefully underused if it goes ahead

  • Greagoir O’ Franclin

    Had the whole Maze stadium proposal got the go ahead it could have been somewhat of an anchor point for mult-sporting facilities in NI, a kinda Olympic mini village in other words, with an indoor sporting arena, 50m swimming pool, etc… Ah well sure most folk were dead set against it, so just as well it was’nt built, despite the enormous financial and sporting benefits for the people and economy. Now folk have nothing at all, in these credit crunch times.

  • McGrath

    It will all be sorted out by the London 2076 games. By that stage all the flies in the ointment will be dead, and our grandchildren will think the Maze was some kind of survivor island game. Good riddance to all of us.

  • joeCanuck

    Your post gave me a good chuckle.

  • Jo

    This realy does smack of *up yours*. Surey the VFM of the deal should matter over the timing? Otherwise public money may be wasted? Who else is in for this;

  • Hogan

    Two things struck me about this story in the Sunday Life?

    One: why the F*ck a council with a wage bill as inflated as Belfast had to employ a consultancy to fill in the application form for them?

    Two: why the said consultancy who submitted the form in 20 mins late wasn’t named in the article? I would’ve thought this was material information?

    Come on editor, grow a set!

  • R Ely

    “One: why the F*ck a council with a wage bill as inflated as Belfast had to employ a consultancy to fill in the application form for them?”

    Because they would have filled it in in their native Ulsters-Scots which would have come across as misspelt gibberish even by the declining eductional standard of GB.

  • publicsectorwaste

    It is interesting that the consultancy concerned was named in the BBC website, but not in the Belfast Tele. In truth it is not the first time they have been in the eye of a storm over public sector consultancy and accusations of non-delivery. When will the public sector learn?