Twitter on G20 protests

Twitterfall has streaming updates from the media, protestors and people affected by G20 protests in London (though it is going so quickly, blink and you miss it). Twitpics seems to have gone down under the strain of people sending pictures through.

  • Harry Flashman

    Usual suspects, commies, anarchists, treehuggers and professional rent a mob types ready to smash McDonalds windows.

    BBC as usual breathlessly describing them as “angry” workers laid off in recent weeks, “climate change” activists and “anti-war” demonstrators.

    It never changes.


  • padraic

    Is it just me or is the British media gagging for a good old punch-up? BBC News and Sky News seem to be almost willing the ‘protesters’ to have a go at the police – not that some of the soap-dodgers need an excuse.

    “Ya ya, I say Tristan let’s go smash daddy’s bank before our 3 o’clock tutorial”