“Recent events also demonstrate why the DUP was right..”

As the Irish Times notes, police remain on high alert following yesterday’s hijackings and security alerts – more details here. Meanwhile another Irish Times report notes the Northern Ireland First Minister, the DUP’s Peter Robinson’s comments

“One should not underestimate the value of the united community response to the dissident republican terrorists,” said Mr Robinson in Fivemiletown, Co Tyrone last night. “Indeed, the PSNI told me that information received from the republican community has played a crucial role in the arrests and charges in connection with both murder incidents. This transformed situation is a positive sign for the future and I welcome it,” he added.

And, in a BBC report

“Recent events also demonstrate why the DUP was right to insist on republican support for the police and the rule of law for those who would be ministers in a Northern Ireland administration before the institutions were re-established,” [Peter Robinson] said. “This was crucial in building institutions which could withstand the challenges of the last few weeks. In the long run this has helped the whole community in Northern Ireland.”

Which is fine.. Now, about those legacy issues..

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  • fin

    If I did’nt know better I’d say Robbo was preparing the faithful for the devolution of P&J

  • Peter Fyfe

    With a lot of dissident supporters seeming to highlight Sinn Fein’s support for the PSNI as their turning point, it must be a bit of a double edged sword. Sinn Fein’s backing of law and order has lead to a lack of control by Sinn Fein in many of the districts that dissidents seem to be gaining a foothold. It has certainly stopped their own form of justice being dished out to those who would support dissidents. We have saw this go as far as some dissidents saying they are carrying out punishment beatings on behalf of the community. I just question if the last few weeks would have happened if the Shinners had not been humiliated by the DUP quite so much. How many lost any faith in the sinn fein position because of their failures over the past few years? It is clear who rules the roost at stormont and with many people not very forgiving of stormont in the first place. It is easy to see how some minds could switch to dissident support. I am not saying I would but many PIRA men see no problem with physical force if democracy does not work. The PIRA would not have existed otherwise. Then again, these are the people who can make 500lb bombs, who can destroy town and city centers and as we have seen recently, kill members of the British army and the PSNI. These are the people that must be shown democracy can work. We have saw the flat refusal of an ILA, the decision not to go ahead with the Maze stadium, the DUP playing politics with the future of our children and of course the ongoing commentary of the troubles from the DUP which seems to consist of, it was all the provos fault.

    I personally don’t think a man now despised by ‘dissident’ republicans calling them traitors will have much of an effect other than to make Marty more acceptable as a politician. Something he always should have had as a result of his mandate. Some unionists seemed to think a nationalist or republican vote was not worth as much and only they could decide when people were fit for government.

    Maybe Peter though he was right in now that he has got Marty signing from the same hymn sheet. What damage did he do to Sinn Fein in the process and how many highly capable bombers or killers minds were swayed by the result? As I say quite often the best way of winning the arguement against violence is by trying to show politics will work and improve lives. Instead we have an assembly: that ignores tha native language; can’t consider the education of 11 year old’s without resorting to party politics; that scraps plans for a new shared national stadium; whose executive is so childish it won’t meet for four or five months; and last but not least an enviroment minister who opposses advertisements promoting energy efficiency. Unfortunately for the rest of us Peter Robinson’s aim is to put some manners in to Sinn Fein and damn the rest of us if we get in the way.

  • picador

    About those legacy issues …

    Yeah Pete the, sackcloth and ashes approach is really going to help undermine the dissidents.

    BTW I am being ironic.

  • Peter Fyfe

    john oconnell

    I am an SDLP supporter I am pointing out how some people percieve the sitiuation and choose not to entertain your dribble any further.

  • padraic

    [i]Much of the violence is designed to beef up the Sinn Fein position even if they themselves say it is unwelcome.[/i]

    Ludicrous statement to make. It’s designed to do the exact opposite.

    [i]For example, why has a Sinn Fein leader not been targetted?[/i]

    Be fair, give them time. I haven’t thought out what the potential ramifications of such an event would be. I suppose it principally depends upon the level of support the ‘dissidents’ have in the nationalist community – something that I believe cannot be accurately measured but, nevertheless, is higher than many suspect. I predict a renaissance of the SDLP [i]and[/i] militant republicanism, at the obvious expense of PSF, over the coming years.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Police helicopter directly overhead in Whiteabbey, and a police presence at the bottom of Glenville Road. The sound of a helicopter used to be so common that nobody paid any attention, but now it’s noteworthy. I hope there’s nothing serious going down.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done


    in previous days such choreography as running the Police and Justice debate right up to an election would have have deemed to have been an evil British plot but Robbo seems to have managed this one all by himself as if timed to both boost SF and the TUV. Strange days indeed.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done

    There is the law of unintended consequences. There are some benefits for SF in a dissident campaign (as well as disadvantages) even if those running the campaign are hoping for the exact opposite.

  • padraic

    The benefits of the recent dissident activity for PSF, entirely unintended by the former, have been completely outweighed by McGuinness’s “yous are all traitors” spiel and his shoulder to shoulder stance with Orde. One day McGuinness claims Orde is crying wolf, the next day he’s having a hissy fit at these traitors to the island of Ireland. Ridiculous. It will be increasingly difficult for PSF to cry “traitor!” the longer this violence and general disruption carries on – the delayed reaction after the Maserreene murders being a prime example. Unionists will also call their actions for what they are – downright hypocracy.

  • Pete Baker

    Peter Fyfe

    “a double edged sword” for Sinn Féin is a good analysis of Peter Robinson’s comments.

    John O’Connell

    You’re just wrong on this. Not really a surprise there. You miss the difference between the time when Sinn Féin were exaggerating the threat to now, when they are trying to play it down.


    Slugger is not a rolling news network.


    As long as Sinn Féin regard addressing those legacy issues as someone else seeking a “sack cloth and ashes approach” the longer their previous arguments, and stances, on the use of paramilitary activity will be used against them by those they apparently seek to dissuade from such actions.


    See Peter Fyfe’s comment on a double edged sword for Sinn Féin.

  • Dewi

    “Slugger is not a rolling news network”

    Strange – that;s what you appear to be these days. A bit more light would perhaps be better,

  • Pete Baker


    Feel free to post evidence of your assertion.

    I doubt there will be many links to my posts.

  • Pete Baker

    Just because you may have made it before doesn’t make your point right.


  • joeCanuck


    I can’t make my point, even if I have made it before.

    You just don’t get it. That is exactly the point. You’ve tried to spam your idiosyncratic point of view time and time again, on many threads, on numerous threads on the same day. The exact same drivel. I, for one, am very pleased if the moderators have finally lost patience and are going to curb your spam.

  • joeCanuck

    You mean that I’m an atheist and, while I respect the right of others to hold religious views, I’m firmly of the belief that you are suffering from a rare delusion.

  • joeCanuck

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not out to get you.

    Agree – goodnight. I did make a commitment to myself not to feed any trolls.

  • padraic

    O’Connell: nowhere did I say that I thought that we are [i]going back to those times[/i]. My point is simply that sadly I believe that we’re going to have a much more sustained, disruptive and murderous campaign than the dissidents have hitherto been able to carry out largely, but not solely, as a direct result of PSF’s failings.

    This is the last time that I will respond to, or engage directly with, your lunacy. Please have the courtesy to do likewise with regard to any future comments that I decide to make.

  • fin

    Have a look in the mirror John, you mention cyber bullying been illegal yet every other post from you accuses Paisley and Adams of been anti-christs, you’re quick to put the boot into other people but don’t like been called a few names yourself

  • padraic

    Yawn. Queue tumbleweed

  • joeCanuck

    Infamy, infamy. They’ve all got it infamy.

    A persecution complex is a term within psychological discourse afforded to an array of complex behaviours that specifically deal with the perception of being persecuted for various possible reasons, imagined or real.

  • padraic

    Yawn. Queue a straightjacked at Gransha’s finest padded cell.

    Yet again this mentally ill lunatic is allowed to completely hijack an entire thread. Someone needs to put a stop to this shameless self-aggrandisement!

  • padraic

    Yawn. Queue human rights-sensitive mental health arrangements and procedures.

  • Mick Fealty


    I realise it is not always initiated by you, but I cannot have every thread you comment on leading back to your religious convictions. This is a prosaic space with prosaic rules that require people to engage with one another.

    If it continues I will have to suspend your commenting rights forthwith.

  • Peter Fyfe

    why was the book of revelations about a crappy little period in Irish history?

  • Neil

    John, dude, everyone knows your religious convictions. How could we not. And in a way I honestly admire your strength of faith, a little bit. But on the other hand, the big hand, the reason most people dislike god bothering street criers is cause they won’t leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

    Ok you have an opinion, so do we, but you don’t see me spamming the shit out of threads trying to turn you into an athiest, and here’s why: I respect your opinions, and your right to have them. You should reciprocate on that on that one.

    In the end up, straying off topic is something that happens all the time here, that’s ok, but you wrestle the topic to religion every time, and repeat the same far out allegations each time. It just gets dull, and it does detract from the threads if on a daily basis one or two of them get hijacked into a discussion on numerology and how Gerry/Ian is satan or whatever.

  • picador

    why was the book of revelations about a crappy little period in Irish history?

    It wasn’t. It was about some mad guy on a Greek island who had a bad time on magic mushrooms. I think his name was John.

  • Neil

    Why not Somalia then, where a teenage girl was stoned to death for being raped? People have been spoon fed here for decades, Americans and others have actually convinced us that we are that important. Fuck me.

    John, this wee province is so insignificant it’s hard to describe. Greater crimes against the populace, including women and children, happen daily somewhere in the world. The worst day of the troubles wouldn’t come close to the best day in certain parts of the world, (I’m thinking DRC for starters).

    We’ve had a wee bum fight going on here for a long time, but that’s what it is. To suggest that the whole of human history has been geared towards a show down between Jesus and Big Ian/Gerry here in Northern Ireland due to this minor conflict and our treatment of women (don’t mention Al Qaeda whatever the fuck you do, or any of the actual civil wars that are going on the world), is so laughable it offers relative believability to your numerology ballix.

    Bottom line: we’re not as important as you think.

  • joeCanuck

    A bit of advice guys, which I admit I have failed to follow myself at times:

    Don’t feed the troll.

    Mick has promised (see above) to deal with the spamming.

  • padraic

    A few hours ago, accoring to our Lord, the dissidents did have a strategy (I think it was claimed that they were carrying out violence by proxy on behalf of the Provisionals). Now apparently they don’t. This is most confusing. My faith is wavering. Someone please inform the Western Health Board.

  • padraic

    Looks like he’s been “dealt” with Soviet-style – all of his writings have disappeared. Praise me, rejoice!

  • joeCanuck

    Praise be to our saviour Mick.